Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


As you can probably tell from the amount of Mother’s Day emails going out today, it’s time to get one of your parental figures a gift. Here’s a few things to get your brain working on the subject, and if they don’t help, remember we’ve got items tagged by price in our Gifts section:

1. Geneva Sound System XS, $249.00

2. Black Diamond Necklace, $280.00

3. A set of Rootcups, each $5.00

4. Gold Fractured Ring by Lucas Jack, $60.00

5. Wood Block Desk Organizer, $57.00

6. Japanese Scissors for pruning/cutting, $38.00

Mothers Day

7. Hand Key Ring, 5734 by Carl Aubock, $95.00

8. Kaleido Trays, $16.00 – $78.00 each

9. Gold Bar Door Stop by Arik Levy, $78.00 (“Formed as a gold bar, Levy adds a hidden historical reference on the objects face; resembling a gold bar’s serial number, a string of numbers is inscribed as “260373” which actually represent March 26, 1973, the day women were first permitted to enter the London Stock Exchange.”)

10. Photojojo Phone Lens Series, $20.00 – $25.00 each, or $49 for all three

11. Blu Dot Juice Box, $99.00

12. Tablet Portfolio, $190.00


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