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Minor Changes + BLTD iPhone Icon

Minor Changes + BLTD iPhone Icon

So, we’ve made a few minor changes to the site recently. If you haven’t noticed yet, the search bar is now at the bottom of the page, near our other useful/informative buttons and we’ve replaced the previous logo with our original (yet updated) one. You can, of course, also search by category with our drop down menu (located in the grey bar below the tabs). Please shoot us an email if something is out of place and we’ll fix it.

Also, for you iPhone owners, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon (albeit rather late) of doing a BLTD webclip icon, so if you’re interested, just delete your old link and add it in again to pull up the new icon. If you’ve not added BLTD yet (gasp!) or if you’re not sure how, here’s a quick walk through:

1. Find BLTD in Safari
2. Tap on the ‘+’ sign
3. Tap ‘add to home screen’
4. Ta-da! The icon should appear on your home screen


As always, please feel free to contact us with tips, comments or suggestions. (And, if you find scrolling down to the bottom too much of a chore, let us know and we’ll work on putting the search bar into our drop down menu.)



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