Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Google’s Versailles 3D
  • Take the ‘Happiness Experiment’
  • Martín Azúa’s Basic House. “A basic inhabitable volume; foldable, inflatable and reversible.”
  • Watch Curiosity’s Landing! Aug 5, 10:31pm Pacific, Aug 6, 2012 1:31am Eastern
  • Beat the heat with a Tank Pool (check out the solar powered filter too) (via Brick House)
  • What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? (via kottke)
  • Gorillas Seen Dismantling Deadly Poacher Traps
  • Dynamic VHS Tape Installations by Zilvinas Kempinas
  • Waste Landcape “is a 600 square meters artificial undulating landscape covered by an armor of 60 000 unsold or collected CDs, which have been sorted and hand-sewn.”
  • Planets app (via bookofjoe)
  • Have a nice weekend.


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