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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Heather Benning turns abandoned home into human-sized dollhouse
  • I think we’ve linked to this animation before, but in light of the recent Higgs Boson discovery, what the heck, here it is again (on openculture): Dark Matter Animated
  • A Dress Made Out Of 50,000 Gummy Bears “…weighs 220 pounds, took three weeks to complete, and requires the strength of three adults to move.”
  • Pit Cherries Cleanly and Easily with a Chopstick and Bottle
  • ‘Holi’ – A colorful short by Variable
  • Instead of a stroller at the airport, use a cardboard box.
  • Barry Rosenthal: Found in Nature (via thisisnthappiness)
  • Have a great weekend.


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