Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Lost Crates, have you heard of it? We’re partnering up with them to bring you some of the stuff we post each month. Sign up for the waiting list.
  • Harvard and M.I.T. Team Up to Offer Free Online Courses: nonprofit partnership will be known as edX
  • Found-on-Twitter Sonnets of Pentametron via @nytimesbits
  • Flap around London with the Pigeon Simulator via @brainpicker
  • T Magazine Video: Doug Aitken’s Acid Modernism
  • co.EXIST: Mapping The Most Crazily Jam-Packed Places On Earth
  • The Higgs Boson, AKA the God Particle, Explained with Animation
  • T Magazine again :Upritchard and Gamper home (color used in an elegant way)
  • Have a nice weekend, as always.


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