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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Daily Aphorisms
  • THE APARTMENT presents A CONVERSATION ABOUT GENIUS AND PARENTHOOD with Orson Welles’ first daughter.
  • Who buys iPads? Apparently Rich, Male, Pet-Owning Geeks that eat orgainic food.
  • Brainpickings: Terry Border’s Bent Object of My Affection: The Twists and Turns of Love
  • We’ve got a few guest ‘Gift Idea’ lists coming soon. Exciting!
  • I like the idea of this: HOW TO PUT TIME MANAGEMENT IN ITS PLACE
  • If you’re lackluster in the present wrapping department, check out this woven paper gift topper.
  • Fascinating (yes, fascinating) death masks online at Princeton University– it’s worth a look, I promise. via Open Culture
  • Thanks Refinery29 for listing BLTD as one of the best home decor blogs. We love you.
  • Also: How to Potty Train Your Cat: A Handy Manual by Charles Mingus (the angry jazz musician)
  • Enjoy your weekend-before-thanksgiving, because the holidays are about to hit you in the face.


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