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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Have we linked to this before? from the desk of…
  • Bizarre: Sleeping Black Rhinos Are Hung from Helicopters in Wild Journey to a New Home
  • Nice place with black/white palette, sliding things, a hidden tv, oh my: Vue sur le Ciel (via Plastolux)
  • This is what I’ll be reading later on today, except without a video camera and jazzy music: It’s Lonely in the Modern World
  • It’s interesting to see the machinery that produces the fiberglass shell chair: Modernica Acquires Fiberglass Shell Chair Equipment
  • Arctic Plank upcycles used pallet wood for flooring, and it looks gooood (herringbone!)… as seen at Jeston Green.
  • Rust + glass = very cool small house by Blank Studio via Tumblr (unable to find link to architect thanks @Bildersturmer). Also, this kitchen is crazy good: Peter Zumthor’s private house
  • Good news, pro photographer/artists: Andreas Gursky’s Rhein II sets photo record
  • Also via the BBC, Egypt closes Great Pyramid amid 11/11/11 rumours. Really.
  • Hmm: Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
  • Not to get too political, but… Jon Stewart sums it up nicely: The Daily Show
  • On this Veterans Day, a salute to those who served… and to everyone, have a nice weekend.


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