Friday Links


This week’s links are short, as busyness (yes, busyness) has taken up most of the explore-the-internet-for-interesting-things time:

  • Awesome. Clothing for Correspondence will write you a letter in exchange for your hand-me-downs. via @Quarterly
  • Jay-Z and Warren Buffett Team Up to Teach Kids Financial Literacy
  • You already know this, right? The Secret to Dealing With Difficult People: It’s About You
  • Just a reminder about shifting plant care from fall to winter: Preparing Your Plants for Winter
  • Can you knit? Help a Penguin in Need
  • Crazy. Escaped exotic animals in Ohio
  • Also, have you watched this yet? Work of Art
  • Also, do you like us? Enough to follow us on twitter or facebook? We don’t go crazy on updates (promise). There’s also occasional tumblr links of interesting interiors.
  • Have an incredibly enjoyable weekend in whatever way possible.


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