Friday Links

  • This looks promising: Transparent Concrete
  • Cardboard Ferrari
  • Give Good Art
  • indoor campground hostel
  • Video of Cyrus and Thicke narrated by David Attenborough
  • The the “vandalized” landscape by Banksy was “sold on an auction website for over $600,000, with the money going to help the homeless of New York.” Nice.
  • Expect one of these embroideries to be on someone’s wish list this year: Lyndsey McDougall
  • Turn your smartphone into a digital microscope for around $10
  • Hmm. Stainproof Pants on Kickstarter
  • Wow. 100,000 stars (via it’s Okay to be Smart)
  • Researchers Draw Romantic Insights From Maps of Facebook Networks
    Enjoy your first November (of 2013) weekend!


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