Friday Links

  • Time-lapse video of the center of the Milky Way from Chile’s Paranal Observatory, by photographer Stéphane Guisard.
  • Foldable Origami Furniture (so exciting!)
  • Why Diamonds Are A Sham
  • Another time-lapse video, this time of a supercell storm cloud rotating over Texas.
  • Let This Rube Goldberg Machine Show You How Cows Eat And Poop. (via Explore)
  • 11 ludicrously groomed dogs
  • HOOK: a personal, temporary hook for restrooms (on Indiegogo).
  • Stephen Colbert’s eulogy for his late mother, Lorna Colbert.
  • Baby snow leopard live cam (via @wiredscience)
    Huzzah! Have a nice weekend.


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