Friday Links

  • Student Engineers’ Skin Patch Warns When It’s Time to Get Out of the Sun (via ifuckinglovescience)
  • Inside Rick Owens’s Paris Home
  • 31 Songs To Listen To While You Read That Nice Story About How Loneliness Will In Fact Kill You
  • Galaxy Collisions: Simulation vs Observations (via CWL)
  • Schadenfreezers
  • News Machine (via @renatom)
  • Intricate paper cuts by Bovey Lee (via staceythinx)
  • Waiting for this lamp to be available for sale.
  • imgembed
  • “According to another survey, taken last year, about 65 percent of us can’t name a single Supreme Court justice.” America the Clueless by Frank Bruni
  • It’s friday! Go have a great weekend.


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