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Attention: Product Designers

Attention: Product Designers

See that big header/banner up at the top of our page? Well, we’ve been thinking about offering one of those headers up for grabs. For free. Here’s the deal:

1) You must be a product designer/artist (no big retailers please) with an item that’s buyable online
2) Your item must be fit within the category of home furnishings, personal accessories or gadgets
3) You must submit a header (1170×191, you can download a .psd guide here) featuring an image of your product along with a purchase link

What does this free header spot mean? Well, it means you’ll get extra exposure plus maybe a few extra sales if you’re lucky. Try to keep in mind the aesthetic of our site and keep your header design simple.

Email your image submission (contact -at- betterlivingthroughdesign -dot- com) plus the link to your item or website and we’ll get back to you super soon.

If we get enough submissions, we’ll think about offering it up on a more permanent basis, so spread the news.


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