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Areaware Sale (ideeli)

Areaware Sale (ideeli)

Whoa, ideeli is having an Areaware sale- up to 64% off! If you’re not a member (it’s an invite-only type of site), you can sign up pretty fast, use code ‘betterliving’…but be quick about it because stuff disappears in no time. Just a warning, sale starts 10am sharp (central) for 1st row members ($7.99 a month ($23.97 billed every 3 months) for the privilege of getting stuff first), 11am for 2nd row (free membership).

Update: Event over.

sale prices on a few pieces above:
Mirror DEATH WISH MIRROR, $39 (orig price $95.00)
Mirror ANTLERS MIRROR, $24 (orig price $45.00)
Grey SET/2 BULB CANDLES, $15 (orig price $35.00)
Frosted FROSTED MIRROR, $99 (orig price $250.00)

Buy it here.


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