Flat Iron Remodel

Just found this great remodel over at the apartment. They took a 900 sq. ft. Manhattan loft in the New York Flat Iron building and really utilized space and storage without making the place look small. I especially love the new bedroom which is separated from the rest of the apartment with curtains and a slight elevated area. Also inspiring is the white wall of closets which look like some amazing Italian built-in solution but could easily be accomplished with an Ikea budget.

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Norrviken House

I love the curved tile in this shower seat of the Norrviken house.

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Muji Prefab Home

Reason number 3,456 I want to live in Japan: Muji makes Prefab homes.

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Pervious Pavement

Densely urban environments have the runoff problems due to non-porous pavement–but there is a solution with something called pervious pavement, which actually allows the water to pass through at a very fast rate. If you are laying a new driveway or sidewalks on your property, this could be a good solution.

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View Pervious Pavement here

Inspiration: Wallpaper in an office

I love how the wallpaper is used on one wall in this office. It really creates one unified visual area which really ties the workspace together.

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Church-turned-residence Remodel

The designers at The Apt did a really interesting remodel of a church in London for a family of four.

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A/S House of Savion

I love the look of huge giant windows, but there are privacy issues depending on your lot and neighborhood. If you’d rather not have your neighbors or passers by seeing you at dinner or walking around in your pj’s, then your landscaping is really important. The A/S House is situated on a great lot with plenty of trees to make the interiors of this home a sort of ‘hidden treasure’. Follow the link to see this great home.

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View A/S House of Savion here

Simple architecture and color palatte

The inspirational Swedish home of Ingegerd Raman consists of a black and white color scheme accented with the light wood floors and furnishings.

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The Pink Project

This is quite lovely–in both thought and execution.

In cooperation with Graft, the Berlin architects, Brad Pitt developed the idea of setting up a temporary township in the main area of the Lower Ninth Ward “a memorial partly to the random destruction of countless homes and partly to the right of the area’s residents to their former community.
The installation consists of 150 pink tents, which represent the houses which are still to be built “houses which will only be erected with the aid of financial donations. The forceful reminder of the pink city will not disappear until gradually the provisional pink structures are replaced by real buildings. The less pink appears, the more donations have flowed in “a poetic visual indicator, which reflects the effects of the public’s sense of responsibility.

More information:

View The Pink Project here

In Bruge-old house remodel

The people over at OWI were nice enough to let me use these images which are usually reserved for architectural books. If you’re looking for remodel ideas, you could literally spend hours at the OWI site looking through fantastic homes.

In this Bruge home in particular, there are some very interesting modifications to an old home with modern ideas. This kitchen which is hidden behind a sliding glass door is pretty cool.

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Fcet house

There are a lot of interesting design elements in this house, but my absolute favorite is the shiny black “cube” room. I can’t tell exactly what the purpose of the room is for from the photos, but it would be a very interesting way to divide a space for a more private area, such as a bath or a small bedroom.

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More information:

View Fcet house here

Flipping Out on Bravo

I just got sucked into the Bravo show Flipping Out. It’s pretty amazing what Jeff Lewis can do with a property with good bones.

If you’re entertaining the idea of remodeling your home and looking for ideas, this is a good one to watch.

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Beckman Guest House Remodel

I love the simple treatments on this Swedish guest house remodel by DAP.

More information here.

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P/I apartment staircase, Paritzki & Liani Architects

Whoa, take a look at this staircase. I like how it just disappears into the floor and blends with the wall. My only concern is the lack of railing, I’d be afraid of falling. I guess you’d just have to stay aware and not walk around with your eyes closed.

Paritzki & Liani Architects
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Tolstrup’s Beach Chalet

Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama has designed a beach house that’s fit to post on all the blogs today. Within the confines of a very tiny plot of land, the cabin takes advantage of the view and provides sleeping arrangements for a family of four. Nicely done.