Desk Organizers

Pulp Bulletin Board

Such a smart use of old magazines- I like the fact you can ‘wedge’ paper in between the pages too…

“Pulp Bulletin Board is made from densely packed used magazines and works just like a normal bulletin board. You can also wedge in business cards and other materials and skip the push-pin all together.”

12″ square.

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Pulp Bulletin Board here

Alice Park Felt Office/Desk Set

These would be just the thing to jump start some desk organization.

“Hand-made entirely of felt, these handy grey and green boxes have inset
areas to place pens and pencils, rubber bands, paper clips or any other
small pieces of desktop detritus. The more-organized user can fold the
boxes in half to cover their coveted supplies, while a freer soul can
leave them open, perhaps allowing small binder clips to mingle with the
thumbtacks. Modular and aesthetically quiet, these simple rectilinear
shapes are sized to scale, providing an invaluable organizational tool.”

Grey felt, 80% wool, 20% nylon; green felt, 100% wool.

Small box (two included), closed: H 1.5″ W 3.25″ D 3.25″, open: H .75″ W 6.75″ D 3.25″
Medium box (one included), closed: H 1.5″ W 3.25″ D 4.25″, open: H .75″ W 6.75″ D 4.25
Large box (one included), closed: H 1.5″ W 3.25″ D 11″, open: H .75″ W 6.75″ D 11″

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $165.00
Availability: Buy Alice Park Felt Office/Desk Set here

Metaphys Desk items

I’ve recently just been introduced to the amazingly simple, functional art items by Metaphys out of Japan. From left to right, paper clip holder, tape dispenser and rubber band holder. It would create an interesting landscape on one’s desk.

More information:

View Metaphys Desk items here

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Letter Holder by Koray Ozgen, 1999

Whether this might be a last minute gift for someone else or a necessary object to tame your own desk clutter,
it’s a sure fire way to make sure letters stay put in a nice, graphic way.

“Organize your home or office with this letter holder which features a pictogram of an envelope on both sides. Made of powder epoxy-coated steel.”

3.5h x 4.75w x 1.5″d

Update: This item is unfortunately no longer available. (10/12/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Availability: Buy Letter Holder by Koray Ozgen, 1999 here

Stainless Steel Desk Accessories

At these prices, it’s an easy reason/excuse to tidy up your workspace.

Pen Tray. 11″Wx2.5″Dx1.5″H, $9.95

Memo Holder. 4″Wx4.25″Dx1.5″H, reg. $5.95 $4.95

Paper Tray. 9.75″Wx13″Dx1.5″H, reg. $19.95 $14.95

Purchase Information:

Price: $4.95
Availability: Buy Stainless Steel Desk Accessories here

Organized File Folders

Recently saw these in a magazine- would be an excellent gift for yourself or an unorganized friend…

‘Set of six file folders: “One of these days I’m going to get myself organazized.” Inspired by Robert De Niro in the movie by Taxi Driver. Packaged in a cello bag with a contents band.’

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Organized File Folders here

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Pen Pen

“Yes , a little brother for your Crumpled Bin, its the Pen Pen, same design same quirkiness but for your desk. A desk tidy with a difference.A holder for pens, scissors-indeed anything.The design links the pen and the crumpled paper from a writers early drafts, to create a useful desktop tool.”

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Pen Pen here

Reality Desk Set

It’s such a relief to see smart desk accessories…

“Allen reinterprets ordinary office objects for this desk set which includes a pencil tray, rubber band ball paperweight, and business card holder. Made of white resin cast from real objects.”

Pencil Tray: 2h x 6w x 2.5″d
Card Holder: 2h x 2.4w x 2.5″d
Paperweight: 2.5″diam

Purchase Information:

Price: $90
Availability: Buy Reality Desk Set here

Music Mug

Here’s a nice idea to clean up your desk area without giving up your soundtrack, a win-win situation.

“A new interpretation of the desktop coffee cup, this white ceramic mug holds an MP3 player and has a built-in speaker. Simply insert the mini plug into an MP3 player’s earphone jack to serve up quality sound. The MP3 player provides the power source, so no additional batteries are needed. Cannot be used for drinking.”

Size: 4.5h x 3.25″diam.

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00
Availability: Buy Music Mug here

Key and Letter Organizer

Another reason to not have any excuse for a messy mail area…

“This organizer is the ideal solution for anyone who has ever misplaced a set of keys. The foam rubber securely holds keys and key rings for easy placement and removal while the convenient tray holds letters, bills, and sunglasses. Made of stainless steel.”

Made in Germany

8h x 8.25w x 1.5″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Key and Letter Organizer here

flatpack office set

“B.I.O is a concept built around the flat and slimmed processes of today; where packaging, assembly, transportation and the environment are all concerns and are considered. B.I.O delivers a an unventional and fresh furnishing concept.

The ultimate office to go – B.I.O is laser cut, powder coated (so there’s no paint splitting on the seams) recyclable aluminum. Snap the objects out of the sheet, fold and you have a business card holder, a 3 pen holder and a postcard/photo/notepad holder. Takes about 5 minutes to assemble.”

210x290mm (approx- 8 1/4″x 11 1/2″)

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Availability: Buy flatpack office set here

Parq document Tray by Alessi

A different design for your document tray…

“The Parq document Tray by Alessi, designed by Hani Rashid in 2006, puts a modern twist on the ever mundane office products. The trays stand alone beautifully or when stacked.”

Available in Black, Light Blue, or White.
Trays sold individually.

Purchase Information:

Price: $36.00
Availability: Buy Parq document Tray by Alessi here

Genuine Magnetic Bulletin Board

Sometimes veneer can be a very good thing…case in point, this lovely bulletin board that adds a bit a wood grain without sacrificing the convenience of magnets.

Magnetic stainless steel wood veneer: walnut or oak magnets: red, orange, grey, white, blue.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Availability: Buy Genuine Magnetic Bulletin Board here

REED Desk Accessory

If you’re looking to organize or update your workspace, consider this interesting pen-holder-thingy. It’s pretty/different.

Acrylic & Beechwood

4″ x 3.75″ x 5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy REED Desk Accessory here

Accordion Card/Pen Holder

This is an excellent way to organize business cards without being too “roledex-y”…

“Organize pens, pencils, notes and business cards on your home of office desk in this clever accordion holder, which when inverted becomes a business card holder or rolodex. Condenses to a small box when closed. Made in Germany of comb carton and maple wood. ”

Size: 5l x 3.75″w x 3″h

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Availability: Buy Accordion Card/Pen Holder here