Coatracks Hooks

Hand Hooks (Frosted)

The hand hooks by Harry Allen are now available in frosted acrylic(!).


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Price: $75.00
Availability: Buy Hand Hooks (Frosted) here

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Life Line Coat Hanger

While I wouldn’t necessarily call this coat hanger “hilarious”, I would call it kind of clever.

“Never suffer through the pain of losing (or misplacing) your beloved coat, hat or sweater again, simply hang it up on this hilarious life line coat rack. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or Grey’s Anatomy junkie, this clever coat rack is sure to make everyone laugh (and that’s good for the heart). Red enamel on steel rod. Made in China.”

23″ L

(This item’s link and price was updated 10/30/09.)

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Price: $24.00
Availability: Buy Life Line Coat Hanger here

Trophy Hangers by Phil Cuttance

An altogether new take on the trophy trend…

“The concept is quite obvious, traditional animal trophies are a pretty ridiculous thing, so Phil’s hangers turns the trophy notion on its head, well actually on its butt… Whichever animal you choose, it always comes in a set of 2 – with every front bit you will get the rear as well. They are made out of poly resin and are 7 cm wide and 11 cm high (2.75″ x 3.5″) and extend out roughly 3″ or 8 cm.”

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Price: $50.00
Availability: Buy Trophy Hangers by Phil Cuttance here

Wood Rings and Hooks

With modern items usually leaning towards the polished and lacquered look, something like these wood rings and hooks would be a natural contrast (either in a room or upon the body).

Rings, $30 ea.:“The finger rings are created from hardwood tree branches and are finished with marine-grade polyurethane to make them water resistant and more durable…Because the rings are handcrafted, the sizes are approximate, but we can come pretty close.”

Hooks, $30 ea.:“Handcrafted from Maple, Beech or Birch or other hardwoods grown in Jacksonville, Vermont, these Timber products are individually unique. The wood is cut, naturally dried for 24 months and then crafted into its final shape. No two pieces are exactly alike, but the size of most of these Timber items can be customized to fit your particular needs.”


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Price: $30
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Leather Coat Rest

This is one of the strangest coat ‘rests’ I’ve seen, but in the best possible way. It has a very sculptural look, with or without outer attire. Also available in
Dark Brown if you’d prefer a more subtle look.

“This unconventional design is created using weighted balls of stitched burnt orange, red and brown leather. The coat rest attaches to the wall by the leather rope that secures the balls in place; a perfectly practical yet ultimately stylish piece.”

Weighted leather coat rest in burnt orange, red and brown

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Price: $274.00
Availability: Buy Leather Coat Rest here

Concrete Bulb Hook

A concrete light bulb? Certainly something you don’t see everyday, you can hang your hat on this hook knowing it’ll stay put. Plus, you’ll probably get the ‘Where did you get that!?’ question when you have visitors, leading you to believe that your coolness factor increased.

“Made from a cement mortar mix, this lightbulb hook was poured into a hollowed out lightbulb, cured and then had the glass removed. The glass mold gives it a high shine and polished surface. During curing, the mortar mix leaves small holes in the surface whichadd texture and character. Because of this, every Concrete Lightbulb is unique. A lag bolt was embedded before curing, and sticks out 1.5″ inches to insure a solid grip into the wall when mounted.”

Overall length: 5.75″, Weight: 11 oz

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Price: $24.95
Availability: Buy Concrete Bulb Hook here

Oak Coat Rack by Big-Game

With cold weather fast approaching, or already here as the case may be, this coat rack is the perfect solution for your hats and coats and such. It leans against the wall, so it would be easy to move to wherever you need it, not to mention being able to store it in a closet or out of the way when the seasons are warmer- though you might not want to since it’s so sculptural.

“Made of two slits, cut into a linear piece of wood, the Oak Coat Rack’s beauty comes from its sheer simplicity. By avoiding any glueing or assembly, the quality of the wood is beautifully highlighted, making the materials the aesthetic focus of the piece, rather than the form.”

5.5″W x 5.5″L x 67″H

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Price: $349
Availability: Buy Oak Coat Rack by Big-Game here


This light switch is used as a hook and to encourage people to use less electricity.

Thanks to Lauren for the link!

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Price: $35.00
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This is perfect for so many spaces, and so well done compared to other similar hook box thingamajigs…

“The simple, ceramic Hookbox (2005) was designed for the entryway, bathroom or any other space where you can use a hook and a storage container for small items.”

Ceramic; metal assembly parts.
H 10.5″ W 10″ D 2.5″

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Price: $270
Availability: Buy Hookbox here

Desiron – Coat Hanger

Natural Walnut veneer with satin steel pegs. Easily mounts to your wall with a hidden “French Cleat”.

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Price: $185.00
Availability: Buy Desiron – Coat Hanger here

Adjustable Hook

An ingenious way to accommodate all your extraneous apparel and accessories…

“Easily reposition this versatile wall-mounted hook to use it for different purposes without removing it from the wall. To hang a bag, umbrellas, or a coat, choose the hook’s downward position. To create a longer shaft for multiple items on hangers, choose the upward position. Made of aluminum and stainless steel. Hardware included.”

Base: 1.5h x 1.5w x 1.25″d; Hook: 5.5″l

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Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Adjustable Hook here

HANG Wall Hooks

Hang jackets, umbrellas, bags, whatever on these very literal wall hooks.

“Design house Seletti brings new meaning to the phrase ‘HANG time’ with these individual letters that double as a wall hook. This set comes with four oversized and durable stainless steel letter-shaped hooks that spell ‘H-A-N-G’.”

Each letter measures 4.75″ W x 8″ High. Comes complete with mounting hardware for easy installation.

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Price: $68.00
Availability: Buy HANG Wall Hooks here

Bach Coat Hook

Here’s some hooks that won’t leave a bump in your clothing…

2.8″ x 6.5″ x 2″

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Price: $12.95
Availability: Buy Bach Coat Hook here

Ghost Antler Coatrack by Erich Ginder

The Ghost Antler coat rack now available in black and gold.

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Price: $245.00
Availability: Buy Ghost Antler Coatrack by Erich Ginder here

Hanger Coat Rack

This is nice if you’re someone who likes to hang your coat, because then you don’t get that little weird bump on the back of your coats from hanging on a traditional wall hook.

“By taking the traditional aesthetic and functionality of an everyday coat hanger this fun and practical product is created. A wall mounted coat hook appropriate for hanging a host of garments. Manufactured out of steel and finished in high gloss black or white.”

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Price: $75
Availability: Buy Hanger Coat Rack here