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Coatracks Hooks

Coatrack Dots

Guess what? These Coatrack Dots are on sale, and even though it’s just a little bit of a sale, it means you’ll have a few extra dollar bills. And maybe those extra dollar bills you can put in your pocket, maybe even your coat pocket, and then hang that coat on one of these various Coatrack Dots and be oh-so-pleased with yourself. Take note that the rounded edges keep your attire from getting those weird bumps that often occur when you use smaller pegs and hooks.

Purchase Information:

Price: $126.65
Available from: DWR

Clip Tree

I hope you aren’t sick of seeing Kickstarter projects, because here’s another worthwhile one. The Clip Tree is a configurable valet that allows you to keep your miscellany in one spot. Attach it to the wall in the bathroom, hallway, or office and then sit back and congratulate yourself in advance for never losing anything ever again. Customize the Clip Tree with its various options; there’s a hook, bowl, tray, peg, hoop, and mirror clip. Lots of things to play around with, isn’t there?

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Micro Coat Hooks

Do these make you want to say ‘no comment’? Similar to a journalist’s microphone, these flocked foam coat hooks will softly hold your clothes without any weird dimples or disfiguration (small pegs and hooks are the worst offenders of this). Sold as a set of five, there are 3 small and 2 big pieces.


Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Available from: Greener Grass Design


It’s officially summer, so there’s minimal jackets and scarves lying around, but what about all those hats and bags strewn about your front door? Consider this simple rope structure: you’re able to position the hooks freely, and when you hang an object the hooks lock into place. The polymide rope is usually used for mountain climbing, so rest assured that it will safely hold up to 30 lbs. of whatever you need to hang, all while taking up minimal space.

Purchase Information:

Price: $124.00
Available from: Luminaire

Hang Up by vuur

We’re all well past coats and scarves weather, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t update your entryway with a nice wall organizer. This one by vuur has plenty of hooks for hanging all manner of stuff as well as a shelf/ledge that corrals mail, wallets, mobile phones, etc. At 3″ deep, it’ll fit behind doors easily and you can combine several to make a bigger storage statement.

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Available from: vuur

Palm Coat Rack

If minimal is your middle name, then this coat rack from Eastvold Furniture might be just the thing for your entry way. No floor space is required; the set of three aluminum bars attach to the wall allowing for coats and bags to be hung from the bend at the top. Here’s where the minimal comes in- one bar has a “palm” wood shelf (measuring 13″W x 5.5D”) for keys, phone, wallet, etc… if your pockets won’t overwhelm that, then you’re good to go. Sold as a set, and custom lengths are available upon request.


Purchase Information:

Price: $290.00
Available from: Eastvold Furniture

Lean-On coat stand

I’ve had this coat stand bookmarked for what feels like forever, and only recently has it become available through a US retailer. The Lean-On coat stand, you guessed it, simply leans against a wall, creating an easily movable storage option. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it is significantly higher in price and most likely out of the average person’s price range. Sorry. Check out the prices below, and we can both commiserate at how unfair pricing discrepancies can be when things are shipped overseas.

Purchase Information:

Price: $675.00
Available from: Mockett

Phoenix Coat Rack

100 bucks for a strange thrown-together-stick-like coat stand seems like a fair deal, doesn’t it? One of its cons is also a pro: the fasteners that keep the bars assembled are a teeny tiny bit distracting, yet the fasteners allow for disassembly and storage when not in use.

Purchase Information:

Price: $109.00
Available from: fashion4home

Cloud Key Holder

I believe this key holder was first mentioned over on Swissmiss, and now there’s a US retailer for stateside convenience. Magnets hold your key ring in place under a little white cloud; hopefully it will help you avoid the frantic search when trying to find your keys.

Keyholder with magnets in ABS and nylon.
Designer: Duncan Shotton.
Also available from his shop for £20:

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Emmo Home

Geometric Animals

Whoa. If you’re not a fan of the taxidermy trend, have I got something to share with you. Bend Seating has trophy heads made of metal. And they’re geometric, engineered from a mathematical formula. And this makes them awesome. Wall art? Heck yeah. Coat hook? Yes please.


Purchase Information:

Price: $99.00 and up
Available from: Bend Seating

Source: Elle Decor

Sprinkle Wall Hook

Here’s something new for the wall: Sprinkle Wall Hook from Naft Design. When not in use, they’d almost look more like wall art rather than hooks, especially as some interesting shadows would occur in the right light. The hook is sturdy too, as it’s made from bronze.

Designer: Jin Kuramoto

Purchase Information:

Price: $85.00
Available from: Emmo Home

The Piano Hanger

The Piano hanger takes the traditional coat hanger and smushes it flat against the wall. Inspired by traditonal piano hinges, each hook swings out when needed, and then folds back flat after usage. The Piano is available in a large (32” x 58”) and small size (15” x 58”), and in two finishes; Beech Lacquer and Oak Varnish. Designed by Patrick Seha for Feld.

More information:

View The Piano Hanger here

Source: Swiss Miss


These washi tape hooks sure are cute, aren’t they? Surprisingly enough, they’re made of tracing paper and can hold up to 50 grams (not a whole lot, but enough for small tools). They’d be perfect for a workspace/craft area.

by Torafu Architects
Adhesive backing.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.95
Available from: upon a fold


I seriously like Kickstarter. There’s quite a few smart product ideas looking to get a little support, and it sure doesn’t take much money to help out. Case in point, these Wallplates by Justin Porcano. I’d say they’re an improvement on Paul Koh’s Toggle and Rocker Key Switch in that the hook (and/or envelope) function is located to the side instead of above the actual switch. Pledge $15 or more and you get the Hook version, shown on right.

For more details, visit Wallplates on Kickstarter.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00 pledge
Available from: Kickstarter

Fold Key Hook

I’m a notorious key loser. Also notorious for looking for keys for like 15 minutes when they’re in my jacket pocket. Or in my purse. Or my tote bag. The problem is, I have too many places where my keys could be instead of having one designated place for them. Something like this little Fold Key Hook might just do the trick. The little “fold” could even hold my cellphone or wallet. I’m feeling more organized already.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.95
Available from: cb2