Home Sweet Home

Like Katie, I’m surprised I haven’t reached total annoyance level with vinyl wall decor. (What’s wrong with us???)

Anyway, this “Home Sweet Home” vinyl decor is something I’d actually put on my walls. It’s nice and large in scale (34″ x 4″) and would look quite nice on a sparse wall.

“Decorate any wall you wish with pressure sensitive application. Wall Words are not reusable. Made in the USA.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Availability: Buy Home Sweet Home here

Felt Rocks by Molo

“in their raw form, a felt rock is technically a lump of felt formed when small bits of wool fluff gather while making polishing wheels for optical lenses, spun around in a drum with them.

with steam and pressure, each stray piece of wool begins to entangle itself with others roughly creating a completely unique rock-like shape without the help of any bonding agents.

each felt rock is then carefully selected by molo and then finished through their own process.

felt rocks are solid all the way through, made out of 100% pure wool felt, and carefully dyed. they come in hand selected sets of 5 ( 2 natural and 3 grey, or 2 moss green and 3 grey ) and are packaged in a natural grey wool felt bag.

each one is completely unique with a different shape and size, although most measure around 4 – 6 inches across.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $240
Availability: Buy Felt Rocks by Molo here

Surikata by Maxim Velcovsky

The think I would like to live in the mind of Maxim Velcovsky. I would run, chase and play with little porceline meerkats all day.

PS. Have you seen what he did here with Jakub Berdych for Qubus?

Pantheon Vinyl Wall Art

Sure, we’ve posted wall graphics aplenty. But, when have we posted wall graphics that lend themselves quite nicely to marching around a ceiling light fixture? If you’re not that fond of your ceiling, you can certainly use your wall just as well.

Available in black or pale grey.
Designer: Studio Job, France

20 x 20″

Purchase Information:

Price: $58.00
Availability: Buy Pantheon Vinyl Wall Art here

Tobias Wong gold spoon

I’m posting this more as a news piece. McDonald’s has issued a cease and desist to citizen citizen for the Ju$t Another Rich Kid and Tobias Wong gold reproduction of their coffee stir stick–which I believe was originally discontinued in the 80’s due to its prominent use for ingesting the decade’s ubiquitous party drug.

So if you want one, you better get it while the gettin’s good!

“INDULGENCES directly comments on the creation and expansion of luxury products in today’s consumer culture, this often results in the production of many unnecessary items. this series attempts of elevate everyday and in some cases disposable items into desirable object.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $295.00
Availability: Buy Tobias Wong gold spoon here

Atypyk Christmas Tree Poster

Why get a real tree or even a fake tree when you can get one that folds up and tucks away nicely in a drawer?

Size : 120 x 160 cm.

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Atypyk Christmas Tree Poster here

Domestic Wall Vinyls- Horse & Cat

Just when you thought the wall vinyl category couldn’t get any fatter, here comes along a couple of playful characters…(I think you could get away with tucking the cat into a corner somewhere, but you’d sure have to be committed to buy the whole horse).

“The objective of Domestic is to create collections of articles devised by designers, graphic artists or artists whose common denominator is to offer a means for the end user to freely participate. With Vynil, an alternative to wallpaper, the principle of the collection is simple: literally hand over to users who are invited to transform their interior into an area for expression and design their own decor. Thanks to Vynil, the wall space becomes the playing field for composition and into which one can put a lot of effort and invention. Beyond the practical interest it represents (no longer any need for glue or a pasting table); the Vynil collection enables new thought to be given to the place and role of the ornamental pattern in our interiors.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $220.00
Availability: Buy Domestic Wall Vinyls- Horse & Cat here

Source: Via

Carved Wood Trophy Heads by Roost

I know almost everybody has seen the carved deer head, but I didn’t know there were other friends availble…Now it’s possible to have quite a collection of animal-friendly wooden trophy heads.

“No safari is required to obtain these large-scale trophy heads. Hand-carved from blocks of laminated basswood, these stylized likenesses have a keyhole hanger in the back.”

$429, Reedbuck: W 15.25″ x D 16.25″ x H 23″
$429, Ibex: W 14.25″ x D 13.5″ x H 19″
$495, Bighorn Sheep: W 15″ x D 13.25″ x H 21″
$605, Blesbock: W 19″ x D 21″ x H 23.5″
$605, Catalina Goat: W 16.75″ x D 19.5″ x H 19.25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $429.00
Availability: Buy Carved Wood Trophy Heads by Roost here

Potato Queen II Wall Art

In light of things funny/fantastical…(and, think outside the box, why not add some whimsy to areas other than those delegated to kids?)

“These colorful wall graphics are part of the Vynil line by a French publishing house called Domestic. Domestic works with well-known designers to produce products that allow the consumer to contribute to the design. In this case, giant fantastical figures cut out of removable adhesive vinyl can be grouped or scattered around a room, based on your whim. The stickers come on 20 x 20″ sheets.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $88.00
Availability: Buy Potato Queen II Wall Art here

Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile

When decorating a room, there are so many opportunites to hang something from the ceiling, which helps bring height to a space. I always love finding great candle globes that hang, or beautiful lamp pendants. Sometimes, though, you need something that is just decoration, something so beautiful it doesn’t need an alternative use; simply something that looks good and will fill a void. Artist’s mobiles are usually the answer, and boy am I fawning over this one.

“Fuyuh was designed by Riki Watanabe in 1975. It is a classic Japanese design crafted by hand in a small Japanese workshop. The quality and details of the laminated bamboo are unsurpassed. Fuyuh is a small work of art, suspended in space.”

Laminated Bamboo
11″ width

Purchase Information:

Price: $738.00
Availability: Buy Fuyuh Bamboo Laminated Ceiling Mobile here

color calm dvd

Go to your happy place with this DVD with an automatic repeat of 36 colors of cloud formations while playing a variety of music selections. 180 minutes of programming with 28 color and audio mixes.

Purchase Information:

Price: $28
Availability: Buy color calm dvd here

Museum Banners

Have you ever wondered where all the advertising banners for art shows go when the shows are over?

Better Wall works with over 20 major art museums and sells them as large scale wall art (with portions of the proceeds going back to the museums). Any damaged banners are recycyled as raw materials and keep vinyl out of landfills, and you can feel good about that.

The stock is always changing (obviously) and is definitely limited edition.

The piece shown here is from the Robert Bechtle show at the SFMOMA.

Dimensions: L: 72 ” (183 cm) : W:35 ” (89 cm)

Purchase Information:

Price: $479
Availability: Buy Museum Banners here

Bunnies Mobile

This makes a great gift for anyone who’s expecting. It comes assembled and ready to hang.

approximate dimensions: 25″ x 25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $31.50
Availability: Buy Bunnies Mobile here


The new trend of vinyl wall adhesives may be a testament to the fickle nature of design or possibly just the desire to see an immediate change in your surroundings. The Flora and Fauna wall graphic uses the saccharine-sweet designs of Tado.

3 sheets 20” x 20”

Purchase Information:

Price: $90
Availability: Buy FLORA AND FAUNA wall graphic by DOMESTIC here

Boxcutter by Tobias Wong

A boxcutter, zinc cast and chrome plated, by one of our favorite designers…consider it as a rather good gift for many a discerning design afficianado.

Size: 6.25″ L

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.00
Availability: Buy Boxcutter by Tobias Wong here