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Hotel Room nr 1

Hotel Room nr 1

This hotel has a different sort of concept: rooms will be spread all over the world. The very first room (Room nr 1) has opened its doors in Helsinki’s bohemian district Kallio. It looks like it’s worth checking out if you’re the type to venture off the beaten path, and personally, I’m looking forward to seeing rooms nr 2 & 3.

Room nr 1 is anything but. It´s a 30m2 fully furnished flat with complete
kitchen and funky interior to make you feel that strange but alluring
Finnish vibe. It´s located on the main boulevard of Kallio (Helsinginkatu 12),
surrounded by the most vivid bar scene, alternative shops and ethnic
restaurants in Helsinki. The tram stops at the hotel, and runs
directly to the city and back. Room nr 1 is perfect if you are looking for something different to those
seen-one-seen-all downtown hotels, or if you wish to live like a local in
a home-like environment with the freedom and space.

120 € per night, Book it here.
(The longer you stay, the more discount you´ll get.)


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