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Hotel Villa Arcadio – Lake Garda, Italy

Hotel Villa Arcadio – Lake Garda, Italy

Wow. So if someone were to ask me how I’d like my ideal hotel designed they could do a lot worse than this. Old, classic building, minimal in it’s raw materials with stunning yet simple, luxurious furnishings.

This place looks amazing and starting at โ‚ฌ220 per night it won’t break the bank either. Located on Lake Garda in Italy you too could be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mr Clooney in no time.

…an area which boasts 11 hectares of green olive groves , fruit orchards and flowers, the Hotel Villa Arcadio on Lake Garda is in a location with an evocative historical atmosphere embellished by modern design and technology…”

Wow again. Where do I pay?

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