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Wish Lists 2014

Wish Lists 2014

If you haven’t already been peppered with gift suggestions and guides in your inbox, here’s a hint: the holiday season is here. This year we’d like to try something different. Instead of featuring our online (and in person) friends’ wish lists like we do every year, we’d like you to submit your list. What would you, a semi-faithful reader of BLTD, like to give or receive this year?

Keep your list small- up to 5 items please-, keep it safe for work, and make sure to provide links where the items/products may be purchased.

We’ll include your name, a very short ‘about’ bio/blurb if you like, and a link to your main page/blog (if you want). If you’re handy with image editing, submit a 513 x 377 jpg layout of the stuff you want to give/receive along with your list. If not, don’t worry, we’ll make an image for you. So, instead of perusing Friday Links, or wasting too much time not working on whatever you should be doing, send us your list. It’ll be fun.

-Pick up to five items you would like to give or receive (keep it safe for work)
-Provide direct links to where items may be purchased
-Provide your name, a very, very short bio and a link to your webpage (if you want)
-Image of items completely optional- 513×377 jpg- we’ll make it for you if you don’t provide
-Email your list to contact(at)betterlivingthroughdesign(dot)com

Note: We may choose to edit submitted wish lists, or to not show all wish lists submitted.


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