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Over the past several months, I’ve slowly been won over by Pinterest. Snobbery initially led me to believe that Pinterest was purely for the ‘crafty’ set, and, as a result, I turned up my nose and pledged my allegiance to Tumblr, thinking I’d never need any more inspiration than what turned up there. Silly me. I’ve come to learn that Pinterest, as with many other things in life, is what you make it. If you follow a bunch of interesting people, you get an interesting feed, no matter if it’s Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, or whatever else you spend too much time on.

All that to say, what have you been pinning lately? I’m curious, and am craving a bit more variety in my feed (other than some very excellent interiors). If you’re on Pinterest, perhaps you’d like to follow me so that I may follow you back? I hope so.

Image above: Melbourne home of metalwork artist Anna Charlesworth and her husband Peter Stephens via Pinterest.


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