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Gift List for Elizabeth

Gift List for Elizabeth

I mentioned a while back that I would be able to compile a gift list for someone in dire need of ideas. Such is the case for reader Elizabeth, who has asked very nicely for help in finding her significant other a birthday gift. Guidelines: he loves design and art, books, fishing, nature, music and exercise, and a has thing for lobsters…

Since you’ve got a pretty good budget, I’ve included a few high priced items, but you could always choose a few lower priced items and group them together for a gift opening extravaganza.

1. Original Ink Drawing by studiokmo, $160. There’s also the mapcuts, of course, but they’re a little more expensive.

2. Seletti Boxing Gloves, $110, and Leather Punch Bag, $325.

3. I sort of like this oil painting from nanabrace. Seeing as your boyfriend likes lobsters… Lobsters From Bobby, $100.

4. IDEA Dynamic Headphones, $140. These look very similar to the retro Ashidavox ST-90 but they’ve got a better sound quality.

5. Seletti Skipping Rope, $60.00. (professional-standard 2.5m leather skipping rope)

6. Phaidon Design Classics (3 Volume Set), ~$110 ($175 at Phaidon). These are truly a must-have for anyone interested in design.

7. This is at the top of your price range, but it’s a great piece. Art History editioned print by Vuk Vidor. $550 (backordered currently though, so it might not work… will ship on or after 15 September 2011)

8. Light Box No.2 by Lee Tracy, $400. The etching says ‘The Wish That You Were Granted Is Coming True Now’. There’s several more to choose from.

9. Wisdom Book by Andrew Zuckerman, ~$32 (all of Zuckerman’s books are amazing)

10. Now, this might be a bit out there, but you did say he has a thing for lobsters: “Night Walker” Bronze Lobster Sculpture on eBay ($174 buy it now price). There’s also a few lobster fossils on eBay that look interesting.

11. Perhaps a custom message or special word? Handcut What Wood You Say signs from Multi Polar Projects. ($5 per character)

Hope that helps.


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