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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Top 25 Funniest Autocorrects of DYAC. If you enjoyed those, they have a book: Damn You, Autocorrect!: Awesomely Embarrassing Text Messages You Didn’t Mean to Send, $11.19
  • Love this Geometric Holiday Garland from Blow Up!.
  • So-amazing-yet-out-of-my-price-range Shadow bike stand. via bookofjoe
  • Have you heard of this? Fancy Hands, personal assistants for everyone.
  • TBD: Design a quilt panel for the (2015) Quilt.
  • Cambridge Digital Library: Early Papers by Isaac Newton via @nytimesbits
  • Gizmodo: Facebook Is Making Us Miserable
  • Seriously easy DIY Recycled Sweater Scarf.
  • Next week we’ll be updating a few gift posts up until Wednesday, then we’re taking a holiday break until December 28th. Have an enjoyable weekend, and stay away from those awful crowded malls if you can.


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