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BLTD Site Update

BLTD Site Update

Expletive! We finally got our site updated! That affects several things that you probably don’t care about, as we didn’t change much visually. However, you probably do care about the fact that we no longer need the app that you may have on your mobile device.

Yes, the app worked, and yes, it looked okay, but now the normal BLTD site will load on whatever gadget you’re on without the occasional hang-ups and weird landing pages that we had before. So, please say your goodbyes to the app we had, and say hello to the newly updated BLTD.

Please add us to your home screen for a super quick way to see the latest and greatest of all of our features. Just navigate to our site in whatever browser you use and save it as a bookmark/favorite to your home screen. And, if you’re feeling generous, please ‘like’ and/or share the stuff you like the most, as it would be really nice to spread the word that our site now works like it should.

Thanks, as always, for visiting and supporting BLTD. You’re the best.


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