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BLTD + Lost Crates

BLTD + Lost Crates

If you haven’t received your box from Lost Crates yet, stop reading now. Don’t pay any attention to the pictures either. However, if you haven’t signed up or find yourself still wondering if you should, check out this month’s picks.

First off, the SC1 & KW1 Keybrids! A key-plus-keyring all in one. Your key should fit either the SC1 or the KW1 blank.

Next, The Heart Merit Badge from Disorderly Goods. As they say, “for giving a sh*t.”

Also, Cocoon’s GRID-IT!. Order from chaos. Organize your cords and gadgets with a haphazard grid of elastic bands.

And, last but not least, the Eco Highlighter. This was originally intended for last month’s crate, but a mixup happened and some other highlighters were sent out instead. Thankfully, Lost Crates was able to get these out in time for this month’s crate.

Interested in September’s box? Sign up over at Lost Crates. Hint: it will probably have some kitchen paraphernalia.

Available from Lost Crates, 45.00.

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