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  • Grovemade Minimalist Wallet
    November 16th, 2015
    You don't really need all that stuff in your current wallet, do you? Grovemade's Minimalist Wallet will force you to pare down to the essentials. Made from lightweight anodized aluminum…
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  • iPad Pro Sleeve and Stand by This Is Ground
    November 11th, 2015
    I'd say this is an elegant option for a iPad Pro sleeve/stand, wouldn't you? It fits your tablet, stylus, and a file for loose papers- that's it. A front flap…
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  • Nambu Cast Iron Tea Pot
    November 6th, 2015
    Designed by Makoto Koizumi, the Nambu Cast Iron Tea Pot is made using traditional craftsmanship in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan. That craftsmanship goes back to the middle of the…
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  • Aarre Wall Jewels
    November 4th, 2015
    Pretty, aren't they? The Aarre Wall Jewels collection is made by skilled artisans in the Iittala factory. Every single one is mouth-blown, so consider them each as a unique piece…
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  • OP-vases by Bilge Nur Saltik
    October 30th, 2015
    Finding spectacular gifts for those favorite people in your life probably isn't at the top of your priority list just yet, but, don't you worry, I'm on the hunt. May…
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  • Tanno Free Case
    October 29th, 2015
    Pen and pencil cases aren't just for school-age children, you know. Those of us on the go don't want to leave our prized writing/drawing instruments behind, and a case that…
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  • Eva Solo To Go Grill
    October 26th, 2015
    A small, portable grill that looks a little like a bento box gets a big 'yes, please' from anyone who has ever eaten outdoors. It's a charcoal grill, so there's…
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  • Carl Auböck Oversized Paperclip
    October 23rd, 2015
    It's a very, very large paperclip. Use it as a bookmark, as shown above, or as a paperweight. Considering it's designed by Carl Auböck, and hand-crafted from solid brass in…
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  • Gramovox Floating Record
    October 22nd, 2015
    A floating record? What is this, a magic show? Nope, it's just a simple rethinking of the record player. This turntable plays records vertically- allowing you to enjoy and showcase…
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  • 1.5.1 Ray: Long and Large Board
    October 13th, 2015
    With an angular profile and etched lines, this is one fancy serving board. 'Fancy' as in, really nice and impressive, and sure to raise your cheese and charcuterie spread to…
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  • Mika Barr Textiles
    September 30th, 2015
    Origami textiles? Yes, indeed. We might have featured Mika Barr's work previously, but right now our search isn't working (sorry, we're tweaking the site), so forgive the repeat if we…
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  • Tropical Walnut Abner Tool Box
    September 28th, 2015
    This is the nicest toolbox ever. You certainly wouldn't want to hide it away on dusty shelf in the garage, so think beyond just nails and hammers. Maybe it could…
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  • CO.ALITION Smart Backpacks
    September 23rd, 2015
    A smart backpack? That sounds like a godsend to anyone who has ever had their phone, tablet, or laptop die away from home. CO.ALITION Smart Backpacks have an integrated power…
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  • Stitched Star Chart
    September 16th, 2015
    What's the best gift, a plane ticket to the Caribbean or a hand-stitched Star Chart showing the overhead sky for any date, time, and location? As if you even need…
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  • Craftworker Cabinet
    August 26th, 2015
    Let's take a moment to geek out just a tiny bit over this Craftworker Cabinet. For $130, you get a wooden cabinet with flip-open doors along with a starter kit…
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