Canteen Table Leg Set

Oh, what a predicament you're in when you only need table legs. We've posted a few trestle options, but this Canteen set might just be the best alternative to the straight forward (and somewhat boring) IKEA legs. No need for a bracing system, as the leg fixes directly to the tabletop. Choose from 7 available colors. Each box includes 4 legs. Designed by Very Good And Proper. 28" Height / 3.5" Width / 7.75" Deep ...Read more

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Price: $350.00
Available from: neo-utility

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Paint Pen

This is one of those no-brainer products that probably should have been invented a long time ago. When you finish painting a room, load up the Paint Pen and it will be in reserve for any quick touch-ups in the future.  Great for small apartments and condos where you can't afford the room to store paint cans. I haven't seen these in person, but it seems like these could be ...Read more

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Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Paint Pen here

Source: Incredible Things

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The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash

And you thought an illuminated collar was cool. With this Pup Crawl Lights-Up Dog Leash you can make sure your dog stays visible to cars and bikers on the road. The LED lights can be seen from both sides and it's made from reinforced nylon (appropriate for dogs up to 60 lbs.). With every sale, $3 goes directly to a partner animal organization. See below for more on The Pup Crawl's misson. ...Read more

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Price: $25.00
Available from: The Pup Crawl

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MUCU 2012 Wall Calendar

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it is September, which is fast approaching the need-to-get-a-new-calendar time. This calendar by MUCU is simple and elegant with enough space to write in notes for important dates. MUCU focuses on quality materials; each item is hand-finished by a skilled craftsman. Bound with woven multi-ply fine cotton that is strong and long lasting. 10" x 14"...Read more

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Price: $40.00
Available from: Vetted

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Lempi Glasses

Sometimes those cheap plastic cups just won't cut it at the dinner table. Upgrade to the Lempi (means 'favourite’ in Finnish) Glassware from Iittala. Use them for everyday water or for that special occasion wine; they'll fit every occasion. And, the major bonus, the Lempi is stackable to save space in your kitchen. If you'd rather a bit of color, check out the lilac, light blue, and grey. Manufacturer: Iittala ...Read more

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Price: $62.50
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

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Friday Links

88 youtube tutorials Take this quiz and see which candidate you side with: giant anthill excavated (via science in a can) One day left on this Kickstarter campaign: the aluminum Felt tip pen Scenes From A Disaster: Modern San Francisco Remembers The 1906 Earthquake Bits of Mystery DNA, Far From ‘Junk,’ Play Crucial Role washable keyboard (this might be a post next week) The Internet Map Have a ...Read more

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Beach Folding Chairs & Table

Don't despair, there's still a few good weeks of decent weather to enjoy. This set of folding chairs and table would be a great accompaniment to your outdoor activities; it even has a carrying bag to make transport a snap. Both the chairs and table are made of Ash hardwood with rust-proof stainless steel hardware and the fabric chair backs and bag are made from a reclaimed army tent. Open ...Read more

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Price: $495.00
Available from: Aether Apparel

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Chute Lightweight Bag

Sure, you have your reusable bags, but do they fold up as easy as this one? Simply pull the aluminum handle and the bag collapses neat and tidy to be stored away. This quick action is thanks to a paracord that runs through the bag and pulls the structure together. Carbon fiber tubes reinforce the bottom of the bag. Once the contents are compressed, they can be easily stowed inside ...Read more

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Price: $82.50
Available from: The Future Perfect

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PlyDesign: 73 Distinctive DIY Projects in Plywood is a new book by carpenter and author Philip Schmidt. It presents 73 sleek and smart home furnishing projects from common sheet-good materials.  All woodworking skill levels are taken into consideration, and only basic hand and power tools are necessary for every project.  I've had a chance to thumb though the book, and there's a lot to love. Besides the sheer variety (wine holders, credenzas, ...Read more

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Price: $24.95
Available from: Storey Publishing

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Citrange Citrus Juicer

Update: The Citrange Juicer is now on sale for $9, half off its regular price of $18. Smart! This double sided hand juicer has a built in funnel that filters out seeds and gets the juice straight into the glass. The larger rounded side is perfect for big oranges or grapefruits while the smaller (pointy) side works for lemons or limes. Looks like a great tool for the kitchen or bar. Created ...Read more

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Price: $9.00
Available from: A+R Store

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Pingpong and Pacman Crochet Placemats

Ah, what the heck, if you're going to allow trinkets in your home, you might as well allow some crochet placemats. Of course, these reference the Atari and arcade games of yore, with Pacman, Pingpong, Space Invaders, and Breakout patterns, which makes them even better (or nerdier, depending on your point of view) than traditional crochet placemats. That said, just typing 'crochet' two times in one paragraph is making me ...Read more

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Price: $37.50
Available from: Seletti

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The Dorm Shelf

Extreme minimalists: ignore this post. Everyone else: if you simply must display your trinkets and tchotchkes, consider the Dorm shelf by Ferm Living. It's a more modern option than anything you'll find on eBay, and will set off your collectibles without offending anyone's eyes. Manufacturer: Ferm Living Material: Plywood The Little Dorm shelf, $108.00 Size: Width 33 cm, height 50 cm Color: Brown, pale pink The Dorm Shelf, $138.00 Size: Width 50 cm, height 75 cm ...Read more

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Price: $138.00
Available from: Finnish Design Shop

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Micro Coat Hooks

Do these make you want to say 'no comment'? Similar to a journalist’s microphone, these flocked foam coat hooks will softly hold your clothes without any weird dimples or disfiguration (small pegs and hooks are the worst offenders of this). Sold as a set of five, there are 3 small and 2 big pieces. Available in Red or Blue. Ash tree and flocked foam. 3 small pieces and 2 bigs. Dimensions: S: L10 ...Read more

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Price: $110.00
Available from: Greener Grass Design

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MMM Magnifying Glass

Update: Remember when this was $80? Now it's half off at MoMA Store. Let's say you don't need a magnifying glass to aid poor vision. Instead you'll use it to inspect small insects, fine fabrics, and secret messages written in tiny print. Also, not that you need fashion advice, but this is a much better choice than wearing a monocle. Provides +2.50 magnification. Left or Right lens. from Maison Martin Margiela. Material: ...Read more

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Price: $39.95
Available from: MoMA Store

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Woolfiller Kit

I know it's just the beginning of fall, but may I ask you to assess your sweater collection? And, if, by chance, you find a few holes or stains in your favorite woolen or cashmere item, do not despair, for there's a relatively easy solution found in the Woolfiller kit by Heleen Klopper. It's easier to show the video (below) than to walk through the instructions, but, trust me, anyone ...Read more

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Price: $37.00
Available from: Sweet Bella

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