Steel Bookends

These steel bookends are completely devoid of any frills and are made to do one task, and one task only. A perfect fit for the Jasper Morrison Shop, a curated selection of utilitarian, well-made, functional goods. Comes in a powder-coated finish and available in black, yellow, and white....Read more

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Price: £3.50
Available from: Jasper Morrison Shop

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Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera

If the Clap Digital Camera didn't win you over for its adorable charm, or maybe you weren't quite convinced by its 30 second limited videos clips, the Fuuvi Bee 8mm Digital Camera may be your answer to a fun and simple retro-styled digital camera. Form takes inspiration from vintage Super 8 cameras, made pocket-sized. The 1.3 million pixel CMOS lens captures "retro" videos of 640×480 resolution or still images at 1280×960 resolution. Records on a ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.99
Available from: Audiocubes

Source: I New Idea

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Muuto Corky Carafe with Glasses

Carafes are often underrated, but possibly because there's few that catch the eye and hold the attention (if only for more than a few moments). They're extremely handy for keeping water or other refreshments at hand, and eliminate unnecessary trips to and from the kitchen or bar. This carafe set by Muuto is slightly oversized with a nice cork stopper that emphasizes the overall width and shape. Andreas Engesvik, the ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Available from: Fitzsu

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Lean-On coat stand

I've had this coat stand bookmarked for what feels like forever, and only recently has it become available through a US retailer. The Lean-On coat stand, you guessed it, simply leans against a wall, creating an easily movable storage option. Unfortunately, as is often the case, it is significantly higher in price and most likely out of the average person's price range. Sorry. Check out the prices below, and we ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $675.00
Available from: Mockett

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Ash Bath Cabinet

So what, it's a cabinet, you say. Well, so it is, but there's something a little special about it other than the lowish price tag. If you view it from the side, it appears to float on its two front legs, which it does thanks to a secure wall mount. This clears up the clutter of legs and adds an extra oomph to the stream lined feel of the cabinet. ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $349.00
Available from: CB2

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Small Knit Color Cozy Mug

When it's cold outside, all you need to warm up is a nice tea/coffee/etc in this knit mug. Cozy, indeed! It'll keep your fingers safe and your spirits bright (well, we can hope so, but there's no guarantee). Porcelain with removable knit cozy for easy washing. 3.5" high, 3.25" diameter....Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.00
Available from: LEIF

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Good Ink: American Shorts Box Set

I recently spotted this delightful box set at Land Gallery. Put out by mini-notebook maker extraordinaire Scout Books, this box set includes their entire set of Good Ink: American Shorts, ten total, plus two blank notebooks. Each 32 page pocket-sized volume pairs a must-read American Author with a contemporary illustrator. I'm sure you can buy these classics used for a lower price, but keep in mind that purchasing these supports independent ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.95
Availability: Buy Good Ink: American Shorts Box Set here

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Friday Links

Now, this is a lot, but there's some good ideas that are bound to come in handy: 101 New Uses for Everyday Things Gizmodo: Why SOPA Is Going to Screw Us All: The Video Clean up unnecessary email notifications: notification control via @nytimesbits Lionel Richie’s “Hello” made of mashed up film clips. Personalized Portraits: replaceface TED: Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0 (whether you're religious or not, there's value in listening to ...Read more

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BLUEiQ Miniature Ecosystem

So, if you like the idea of having a little ecosystem to look at in your home/office/classroom/etc, but don't want to dedicate a whole lot of time, this might be for you. The BLUEiQ has options- you choose which rocks, plants, livestock (shrimp/snails), then just follow the instructions once it all arrives and you'll have a miniature ecosystem that requires little upkeep- just top up the ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Available from: BLUEiQ

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Computer Keyboard Doormat

Say 'welcome!' to your visitors whilst professing your fondness for computers. And don't even pretend to not like this doormat, because it's pretty cute (not in a fuzzy kitten way, mind you, more like just plain awesome). It's made from coir, a natural and renewable fiber which happens to trap dirt quite well, and you simply shake it clean. Every carpet is handmade by skilled craftspeople in a small ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

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Clap Digital Camera

This Clap Digital Camera won't compete with Hipstamatic or Instagram for its social aspect, but it'll provide a different kind of vintage vibe to your shutter snapping; spontaneity. Keeping your camera on your necklace on in your front pocket ensures a never missed opportunity to catch that moment from last night's party. Not having a LCD preview keeps you in the present and not mucking about uploading your photos to ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: Via Alley

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Scantling Lamps

Ouch. These are pricey, yet oh-so-striking. Designed by Mathias Hahn, arms and hinges allow the shade to fully rotate without the need of springs or counterweights. And what does 'scantling' mean? It is "a term used to define the size to which a piece of wood or stone is measured and cut, derived from the name of an old unit of measurement." There you go. There's also a Scantling Wall ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $920.00 and up
Available from: YLighting

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Sticky Note Matchbooks

For the sticky-note addicted, this is a no brainer. You know how sticky notes get quite gross when in a pocket or bag? They pick up all manner of lint and random bits of something that you'd rather not see when checking a grocery or to-do list. This smart idea of a Sticky Note Matchbook keeps notes pristine and protected, plus the size is perfectly pocket sized (for us persnickety ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $2.00
Available from: Kikkerland

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Superhero Shoes

If you added your name to a petition or called your representatives yesterday to voice your opinion on SOPA, you deserve a pair of these lace on lightning bolts for participating in your government. See, sometimes it works. Actually, these little bolts are intended for little feet, but I'm sure you could make them look just as good on your own shoes, or ask the seller to prepare some scaled ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $17.00 - 22.00
Available from: smallfly etsy shop

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We at BLTD are united in opposition against SOPA and PIPA. The proposed Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act would, if passed, set a dangerous precedent that would greatly impact our collective freedom of speech on the internet. Call your Senator and tell them you oppose SOPA and PIPA. Go here to find out more: [vimeo w=513&h=317] ...Read more

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