Friday Links


And here are this week’s links:

  • Shirotokuro (Shortened form of ‘Shiroi to kuroi’– Japanese for ‘black and white’.)
  • Gmail organization! Awesome.
  • We love Jenny’s selections over at Aubrey Road.
  • Closet visits!
  • Currently, I think my life would improve by 15% if I had this soap.
  • Reborn.
  • Bring your broken stuff to repair at the Fixers’ Collective in Brooklyn (via boingboing)
  • History of the world in 100 seconds, according to Wikipedia.
  • If you have the original iPad, take a look at this: Smart Cover For Original IPad
  • Predictive Smiles (via Tish’s Place)
  • Cool diagram of a nuclear reactor cooling system
  • Unplggd: 5 Simple Tips for a Happier Mac From the IT Department
  • Have a good weekend!


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