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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Nice, simple travel app for the iPhone.
  • For those of you who want to get started with coding: Code Academy
  • Make the internet work for you: If This, Then That.
  • If you didn’t read the announcement, we replaced our Travel button with ‘Gifts’.
    Check it out: Gifts (a big thank you to Kris for knocking out the change so quickly)
  • Cute! School Supplies made of Fabric
  • A Beluga whale has become a sensation at an aquarium after learning how to blow halo-shaped bubbles. (via @Gessato)
  • Nod Your Head if You Agree with Yourself: How Your Own Body Language Can Persuade You (via @Brainpicker)
  • Fast Company: United States of Design
  • A few new designs over on temporary tatto site Tattly.
  • ReCraft: Knitting Eames Wire Chair
  • a smart bear: Fringe Benefits: Why startups mustn’t appeal to the masses
  • iPad and iPhone photo editing app: Filterstorm
  • Borrow Kindle Books from Your Local Library(!) (via @Brainpicker)
  • Have a wonderful weekend, or as close to it as humanly possible.


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