Erich Ginder Gift Ideas 2012

Erich Ginder Gift Ideas 2012

Seattle designer Erich Ginder is one of my favorite contemporary designers, and also happens to be one of my favorite people to talk to about design. He’s known for his Ghost series coat racks (Ghost Antlers and Ghost Tree) and his Warez Rose wallpaper and Dot/Dash pendant lamps. Here’s a look into his holiday gift list:

1. Dezeen Book of Ideas, $28.00

2. Pewter Oil Lamps, $198

3. Magnifying Glass by Maison Martin Marigela, $95

4. Fredricks & Mae Brush Cone, $42

5. Kuvert Bckpack by Stephan Diez

Erich Ginder Gift Ideas

6. Extra Long iPhone Cord, $4 on Amazon

7. Deb Baxter Crystal Bomb, $330

8. El Mil Del Poaig Olive Oil, $153

9. Clear Creek McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, $50

10. Like a Valentine: The Art of Jeffry Mitchell, $50

Thanks Erich!


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