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Key Chains

Brass ID Tube Charm by Bethany Obrecht

This Brass ID Tube Charm is meant to keep your pet’s info attached to their collar just in case they decide to run off, but it looks like it might work just as well for your keyring (if you’re prone to losing your keys). Of course, if you do decide to use it for your keyring, don’t put your address on it; just put a phone number or email address, whichever you feel doesn’t point directly towards where your front door and its lock are located.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Available from: Teroforma

Abacus Totem Key Holder

It this some sort of facial jewelry? Or perhaps a tiny dumbbell for a muscly mouse? I suppose it could be either, but, alas, it’s a key holder. The Abacus Totem Key Holder is from Postalco, the maker of many wonderful things. Handcrafted in Japan from solid brass, it keeps your keys tidy with a simple screw end that makes it easy to add or subtract individual keys.

Purchase Information:

Price: $96.00
Available from: Cooper Hewitt Shop

Please Call Key

Have you ever lost your keys? Or found someone else’s? This Please Call Key by Noah Lambert will give any finder your mobile or office number so they can call and let you know your keys have been found. Engraved to a depth of .005″, the number will be legible for years, so make sure it’s one you’ll keep. Once you and your keys are reconnected, be sure to thank whoever found them profusely, as they just made your life a little easier.


Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Noah Lambert

Bicycle Spoke Keyring

If you’ve spent a lot of time on two wheels, you might recognize that this keyring is made from used bike spokes. Just screw/unscrew the spoke nipple to add or remove keys; it’s as simple as that. And don’t go thinking you have to be a bicycle nut to have one of these- the simple reuse of a spoke is reason enough to consider it for your everyday keys. Available from scene3.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.00
Available from: scene3

Contour Key Rings

There’s something altogether satisfying about a large key ring. It’s less likely to get lost, for one, and hooking it onto a bag or belt is much easier, even if you do sound like a janitor when you’re walking around. A screw clasp will save your fingers/fingernails, and each one would hold dozens of keys, or perhaps just ensure that the two or three keys you carry around won’t be misplaced. The Contour Key Rings are available in four distinct shapes: Bend, Drop, Hoop, and Bell.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.00
Available from: Areaware

GoodLife Key Tags

Maybe you’re perfect, but I know I’m not the only one that needs a little reminding every now and again to be a better person. And, hey, why not have a key tag that gives you some inspiration to do just that? They’re sort of perfect, in their old-timey, hotel-key tag way. Could be a good way to keep track of extra key copies clanking around perhaps?

Purchase Information:

Price: $6.00
Available from: Three Potato Four

Source: Design Crush

Beta Key Ring with Inkless Pen

Why does it seem like a sleek key ring is the perfect gift for acquaintances, coworkers, and relatives? It is because it’s impersonal yet useful? In any case, this Beta Key Ring has an inkless pen attached, meaning its owner will never be without a writing tool. The pen has a solid metal alloy ‘nib’ that leaves a pencil-like mark on paper.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Available from: Canoe


You and I both know what a hassle it is to get keys on and off a regular keyring. You can use a staple remover to aid the process or you could change your keyring to a Freekey. It has a patented wave that allows the end to open, making adding or removing keys a snap. There’s also a Freekey System that comes with additional small rings for grouping your keys together.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.00 - 7.50
Available from: Freekey

Handmade Leather Key Holder

The ever-present key conundrum: how to keep your keys organized without looking like a janitor? This key holder is made from rugged leather and holds your keys in a slender profile; there’ll be no jingling/jangling about like you should have a mop and bucket nearby. Thanks to custom set screws, your keys are stacked together in the case- which protects your bag or pocket contents from those unfortunate scratched surfaces – and at the ready to swing out for use. The corners are embossed with the words “Home,” “Office,” “Door,” and “Ignition” for quick reference.

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Available from: Kaufmann Mercantile

Carabiner Key

Leave it up to Scott Amron to improve the humble key: if the Split Ring Key doesn’t quite suit your fancy, he’s designed a Carabiner Key (Keybrid) that can link independently to keyrings, belt loops, shoelaces… you name it. While there is no price posted currently, orders are being taken, so leave your name and email at the Amron Exptl. website if you’re interested.

Purchase Information:

Price: $contact designer
Available from: Amron Exptl.


Here’s a smart solution for storing your house key when you’re out for a walk or a jog.
The gokey is a silicone wrist band that conceals your key safely and comfortably- no tying it to shoestrings or putting it in a pocket only to worry it’ll come loose. As the gokey is currently a Kickstarter project, you can donate $15 to receive a gokey in the color and size of your choice. Designed by Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: Kickstarter


And you thought you were prepared for the apocalypse. “EDC” or Every Day Carry are the things you have on you each day, and if you want to be fully prepared for anything, getting out of a jam or away from zombies, this kit will have you two steps ahead of the game. These tiny, multiuse tools fit onto a keychain, all weighing less than 2 ounces combined. A pry bar, screwdrivers, precision tweezers, waterproof lighter and a titanium key ring are all included, or can be purchased separately, if you so wish.


Purchase Information:

Price: $44.00
Available from: Kaufmann Mercantile

Keychain Letter Opener

You must have used a key at some point to open a letter. I know I have, many times, mostly because I misplace the one letter opener I have, and I am too impatient to go and find it. This little guy lives on your keychain, at the ready for any envelope that comes your way.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.97
Available from: Nood Furniture & Design

Split Ring Key (Keybrid)

I posted this key-that’s-also-a-key-ring while back, and now that it’s got a new site/price/info update it’s worth another look.

SC1 Keybrid blank for SC1 keys/locks, $8.99
KW1 Keybrid blank for KW1 keys/locks, $8.99
SC1 & KW1 Bundle, $16.99

by Scott Amron

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.99
Availability: Buy Split Ring Key (Keybrid) here


This keychain fits four tools in one: Phillips Screwdriver #2, Flathead Screwdriver #2, 1/4 Hex. Nut Driver, and a Bottle Pop-Top Opener. Handy, right?

Material: Zinc Alloy (Body) & Tool Steel (Bit)
Size: 7/16″ x 1 3/8” x 1 7/8”
Weight: 1.0oz

Purchase Information:

Price: $4.95
Available from: Screwpop