al5010 Watch

Pardon the pun, but this watch is timeless. Designed by Piero Lissoni for Alessi, I could see this on the wrist of any man for years to come. Clean, simple design, the square face is elegantly rounded, with a full-sweeping second hand.

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Price: $99.00
Availability: Buy al5010 Watch here

Smoon Bijou Necklace

Look! You can glow in the dark.

“Silicon coated and linked by a silver thread to a replacable battery, these little gems are like stardust one wears around the neck. Each light is unique and individually crafted, and unbreakable too.”

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Price: $99.00
Availability: Buy Smoon Bijou Necklace here


Here’s something you may have seen before (possibly from our ICFF summary…she was at the DesignBoom showcase). These are modern and interesting and totally affordable.

These pendants are part of Melissa Borrell’s “How do you wear a drawing?” project. Taking the shape that she developed for the tree necklace and reducing it in size gives another perspective on the same graphic element. The pendant is made from photo-etched stainless steel and comes in a square of metal from which it is easily “popped” out. It comes with a chord so that you can make it into a pendant to wear around your neck. Stainless steel with rubber cord.

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Price: $20

BANDIT photo bracelet

The whole silicone bracelet movement has really reached its peak of annoyance but somehow this one doesn’t really bother me.

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Price: $8.00
Availability: Buy BANDIT photo bracelet here

Cloud Necklace

Well, look at this. I just might have to buy one and have ‘bltd’ inscribed upon it. You should do the same (but only if you want to).

“A wee polished sterling silver cloud, shiny as a mirror, floats on a sterling chain. The cloud is 5/8″ wide.”

Designer: dottyspeck, Seattle, WA
Dimensions: 16″ chain

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Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Cloud Necklace here

Skull Pendant

Another awesome display of conspicuous consumption by Tobias Wong.

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Price: $300.00
Availability: Buy Skull Pendant here

New Patron Saints

These hand engraved pendants have a portrait of the patron saint on the front and a quote on the back.

Sterling silver
Chain length: 18″
Pendant size: 1″ diameter

St. Grandmaster Flash: “Patron Saint of the wheels of steel.”
St. Trotsky: “Revolutions are always verbose.”
St. Sartre: “l’enfer c’ests autres.” (Translation: hell is other people).
St. Jack (Kerouac): “My witness is the empty sky.”
St. Miles (Davis): “Play what’s not there.”
St. Woody (Guthrie): “Take it easy but take it.”

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Price: $98
Availability: Buy New Patron Saints here

Industrial Bloom Necklace

This necklace is pretty interesting design-wise, but the appreciation grows once the material and process of how it’s made is known.

“Industrial Bloom’s flowerlike facade is contrasted by the materials from which it’s made. Shavings of Hytrel, a high tech thermoplastic elastomer, are typically discarded during the machining process. We’ve embraced the individually unique shapes emitted by this production process and use it as the focal point. Each is combined with black or orange rubber cord to offset the delicate white flower.”

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Price: $48.00
Availability: Buy Industrial Bloom Necklace here

Plya necklace

The Plya necklace is pretty special. It’s composed of wood and aluminum and is available in either walnut or beech.

“The Plya collection celebrates the interaction of two opposing materials: wood and aluminum. Negative spaces in wood are completed with metal accents questioning the concept of preciousness. In this work, the gem exists in the negative spaces allowing metal and even the individual to become focal points.”

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Price: $98
Availability: Buy Plya necklace here

Dot Matrix Watch

I think I saw this on a couple of weeks ago, and figured since I keep thinking about it, I might as well post it. It might be a little too big for my dainty wrist, but for anybody else, I’d say go ahead and get it.

Available in a tan leather wristband with yellow lights or a black leather wristband with red lights.

(26 x 3 x 1cm)

Purchase Information:

Price: $112.62
Availability: Buy Dot Matrix Watch here

Thermometer Cufflinks

These are pretty cool (or hot, depending)…fully functional cufflinks that give you the temperature.

Approximately 1.25″ diameter
Rhodium plated silver
Swivel back closure

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Availability: Buy Thermometer Cufflinks here

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“The E8 is a watch that revolutionizes the way we read time. It has a unique display mode. Time. It is fleeting, yet it can take on an entire new dimension that can be read in virtually any light. According to designer, Brieuc du Roscoät, the E8 ‘symbolizes a different approach to time, built around a new identity, new landmarks. E8 takes us with its simplicity to the reality of a universal graphical era.’ Alarm – EL Display.”

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Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy E8 WATCH here

The Cufflinks (rubber)

Add a bit of whimsy to your wardrobe (in the coolest possible way) with these injection molded rubber cufflinks. Black or pink (!).

“Just break off when needed, easy to put on, machine washable, durable, 4 pairs & 4 designs in a pack, no worry if lost. The injection molded rubber is a new, stylish and contemporary accessory. 4 sets of cufflinks available in pink or black.”

(Do I need to remind any men out there that wearing pink is the ultimate sign of being secure in your manhood-ness?)

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Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy The Cufflinks (rubber) here

For Ever Yours Ring

I’m not sure how this hasn’t been posted yet. This silver ring has words “FOR EVER YOURS” in reverse relief inside the ring so when the ring is removed the wearer is temporarily imprinted with the words on their ring finger.

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Price: $405
Availability: Buy For Ever Yours Ring here

Custom Tag Necklace

Say something different with a necklace like nobody else’s. Great as a gift (can I repeat that?) or just as a ‘whatthahell’ purchase for yourself, it’s a chance to commemorate someone or some slogan that’s just special enough to be worn around a neck.

Choose up to 20 characters (10 per line, letters or numbers).

Fine silver tag on ball and chain. Made in Brooklyn.

Update: This item is no longer available through original retailer. (10/30/09)
(Try this: Custom Silver Necklace, $62.00)

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Availability: Buy Custom Tag Necklace here