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duaLink Sync Splitter Cable

Ah, now wouldn’t this be handy when you’ve got both your phone and iPod (or iPad) to charge and sync? Apparently it works ‘beautifully’ with iTunes, so you’ve no worries when it comes to getting your music synced. Available from CableJive.


Purchase Information:

Price: $25.95
Availability: Buy duaLink Sync Splitter Cable here

The minimal office by Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero has his gadget set up squeezed down to what he considers a bare minimum. I could probably do without the ipad, but, that’s just me. I found this to be a fascinating read and he has a lot of great tips which I personally ascribe to, such as using your machine as a tool and not storage.

Turncoat iPad Case

Would you like a very simple iPad case? How about a piece of leather that snaps securely around your beloved magic screen? That’s it. No bells and whistles. It fits either the first or second generation iPad, with or without the smart cover. From AUTUM.

Four hand fastened duty snaps.
6oz, domestically tanned leather.
Ships April 15th.

Purchase Information:

Price: $144.00
Available from: AUTUM

Natural Cork iPad Case

This ergonomically shaped case is made of recycled natural cork and has easy access to ports and controls. It’s also lightweight, which is nice as you don’t want to lug around extra heft in addition to the iPad. For more pictures and instructions on putting the case on correctly, visit aprodukt.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: MoMA Store

TravelTeq iPad Case

Update: 20% discount on TravelTeq’s iPad Case (for the first iPad, not the new one). € 180 instead of € 225, which is a tad more affordable.

Is this the mother of all iPad cases, or what? Luxury doesn’t come cheap, but it sure looks nice. The TravelTeq case is handmade from Florentine Vacchetta leather and is adjustable to 3 different positions. If you’ve ever had a favorite leather bag, you know that this case is going to wear well and develop that nice patina… and if it lasts longer and looks better than other cases, maybe it’s worth every penny. Maybe.


Purchase Information:

Price: €180.00
Availability: Buy TravelTeq iPad Case here

Diana Mini Camera with Flash

Camera phones are convenient, sure, but a little of the photography romance is lost without the proper click and whirl of film. This petite Diana Camera will give you square shots and half-frame photos (see below) and with the Diana F+ Flash included, you’ll have fun tinting your shots by slipping on one of the 12 color gel filters.


Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Available from: Poketo!

Photojojo Classic Leather Camera Satchel

Photojojo offers relief to the world of drab black plastic camera bags with their Classic Leather Camera Satchel. An all leather exterior houses a padded interior fitted for a camera and lenses, as well as a laptop sleeve for 13” laptops. Two front pockets as well as a zippered rear pocket keep the small things organized while you snap away. I don’t even have a nice enough camera that would warrant owning such a handsome bag but it looks suitable for doing double duty for carrying about town as well.


Purchase Information:

Price: $190.00
Availability: Buy Photojojo Classic Leather Camera Satchel here

Source: Svpply

Pad Stash Sleeve Case

Nice. This 100% recycled wool felt sleeve will protect your precious iPad in style. Don’t you worry: it can double as a stand for viewing (and typing) and has pockets for your various cards and such.


Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from:

Source: Svpply

Speakr Box by Buka Projects

This portable wooden speaker requires no batteries or power source and works with pretty much any gadget you own (mp3 players, iPods, phones, laptops, etc.). Nice to see a simple wooden speaker option for the desktop or for outdoor activities (don’t take that to mean it’s waterproof though).

Support BLTD by buying here: Speakr Box, $79.00 from

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00

Support BLTD by buying here.

Available from: Generate


No, it’s not an iPad wannabe, nor is it a new eReader. It’s got no apps or games or books stored on its memory card. This simple tablet device takes the place of pen and paper, that’s all. It has a simple real-paper-look interface that allows you to make notes or sketches for future reference, then save or delete them. With a long life battery (180h) and a $99 price point, it’s awfully tempting to see how well it would work. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until June of this year to actually put your hands on one, but it could just be worth it.

See NoteSlate’s website for specifications and details.


Purchase Information:

Price: $99.00
Availability: Buy NoteSlate here


Add another headphone organizer to your list of considerations, because this one is super small and seems to do the job nicely. It slides onto your earphone jack and provides a place to clip in the cord after wrapping the earbuds around your device. If you’d like to see more, visit Budtrap’s site for more details.

There’s also a slight discount if you buy in bundles or packs… fyi.


Purchase Information:

Price: $5.95
Availability: Buy Budtrap here

AViiQ Laptop Stand

While the price tag is a bit high on this laptop stand, it’s got the distinct advantage of being incredibly thin and foldable (yes, foldable!) for ease of transport. And, if you can believe it, they’re offering a 40% off coupon code for anyone that wants to give it a try. Just enter 10-TUV-02-MB-PC at checkout. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee if that makes your decision easier.

Compresses down to a 1/4 inch thin plate.


Purchase Information:

Price: $79.95
Available from: AViiQ

Lacie Moskeyto USB Drive

Lacie has tackled the design of the portable USB drive in quite a few ways over the years — some mimicking currency, some resembling actual keys, and some even indestructible. The Moskeyto, one of their latest designs pares down the USB drive to, well, really just the USB port. I don’t think anyone really has been complaining about oversized thumb drives but if you’re into super miniature form factors this should do the trick.  Available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 GB capacities in black. White is only available in 2 GB.


Purchase Information:

Price: $14.99
Availability: Buy Lacie Moskeyto USB Drive here

Source: Gizmos for Geeks

Digital Harinezumi

From our archives (originally published January 8, 2010), for your gift list consideration… to see more, visit our Gift Guide.

This 2-megapixel Digital Harinezumi by Superheadz will give you soft, out-of-focus videos and still images like the old Super 8mm. If you’re not quite certain what that means, there’s a video below that shows what it looks like.

3.8″ x 1″ x 2.2″
lens: 24 mm (equivalent to 39.6 mm in 135mm format)


Purchase Information:

Price: $169.00
Available from: gnr8

Pin-hole Solargraphy Camera

From our archives (originally published December 14, 2009), for your gift list consideration… to see more, visit our Gift Guide.

If you’re still lost on small gift ideas, this pinhole camera is pretty much the perfect stocking stuffer for just about everyone.

Make-It-Yourself Paper Pinhole and Solargraphy kit. Assemble in 1-2 hours, no knife or scissors needed. Use 35mm film (not included) preferably ISO200. Technical Specs: Film type: Aperture 1.16mm. Focal length 20mm. F stop F/130. Pinhole cameras do not have optical lenses. Film is exposed by light through a tiny hole in front of camera. Because there is no lens, the image will be in focus at all distances. Best pinhole pictures are taken on a bright day. The camera must be very still when shooting. Exposure times range from 5 seconds to hours and sometimes days.

[via Dwell]

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00
Availability: Buy Pin-hole Solargraphy Camera here

Source: Dwell