Pencil Socks, Notebook Socks

This might lean towards the slightly-inappropriate-for-work category (much like those wacky ties that are so bad they’re good, or sometimes just so bad they’re horrible), but these socks are just too good not to share. Even if you just wear them around the house, they’re funny enough to be forgivable. Also, check out the Kick the Habit Socks (not shown).

Pencil Socks, $22.00 AUD, Buy it here.
Notebook Socks, $22.00 AUD,
Buy it here.
Kick the Habit Socks, $22 AUD,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: AUD22.00
Availability: Buy Pencil Socks, Notebook Socks here

Merino Moustache Gloves

Oh my goodness, just the words ‘hold finger under your nose and enjoy’ is enough to explain why these gloves are terrific.

Italian Merino Wool Glove features two different styles of moustache sewn on the interior of each forefinger. Hold finger under your nose and enjoy.

Grey or Red.

$95.00, Buy it here.

[via HI + LOW]

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Availability: Buy Merino Moustache Gloves here

Bound Skarf by Sruli Recht

Sruli Recht is one of my favorite designers to check out (if you take a quick look through his site you’ll see why) and his Bound Skarf looks like a great piece to add to your winter wardrobe.

…over three metres long,
black wool and pleated to wrap hooded over the head
bound in ivory cotton, light and breathable…in two lengths 310x52cm 115eu and 155×35 70eu
made here in the studio, boxed
and in preparation for your oncoming winter.

310x52cm, 115 €, 155x35cm – 70 €,
Buy it here.

Versatile Cashmere 2-in-1 Gloves

It’s not even cold where I live and I’m already sort of obsessed with gloves and arm warmers. Sorry.

you don’t have to feel bad about splurging a bit because they act not only as daily-wear short gloves, but also have a button-on elbow length extension for super cold nights (and extra va-va-voom). Made from 100% Cashmere. Available in black or heather grey. One size.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

USB Air Conditioned Shirt by Kuchofuku

With all the USB-powered accessories out there, this was bound to happen sooner or later.

The USB Air Conditioned Shirt is a fantastic invention for hot days! USB- fans blow fresh air into the shirt, powered solely by your powered USB drive. Great for any hot office or room, or even for portable action with a laptop or other device. There’s simply nothing else out there like it!

$169.00,Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $169.00
Availability: Buy USB Air Conditioned Shirt by Kuchofuku here

Special Occasion T-Shirts

These are just ridiculous but they make me happy.

Range of T-shirts for different occasions. Each one can be used as an ‘Emergency T-shirt’ when nothing else is clean or seems to suit an occasion. Simply turn them inside out and wear.

[posted by kris]

Pleece Scarf

This pleece scarf (pleated fleece) scarf is perfect because it takes the warmth of fleece, not traditionally a great design material, and makes it more structured with the use of pleats.

“The items in the soft, warm Pleece Collection, designed by Marianne Abelsson, are made for use indoors and out. The collection includes hats, scarves, ponchos, and hoods, as well as pillows and throws in a lovely, pleated fleece fabric.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.50
Availability: Buy Pleece Scarf here

Zip It Gear Passport Pocket Sock

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a country where you feared your passport was in danger of sticky hands, but I sure have and I really really wished this was around then…(I think I got one of those thigh strap holders and it sucked, to put it bluntly. It was completely uncomfortable, which I should have expected, but I didn’t know any better. I ended up sticking my passport in my camera bag, which increased my fears about getting mugged on the streets about ten thousand times. A sock would have been much better.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.99
Availability: Buy Zip It Gear Passport Pocket Sock here

Perfectly Folded Shirt

This cheeky shirt has been designed so that it folds perfectly every time, just like the first day you wear it.


I bought one of these when I was at ICFF from the design boom young designers display. It’s is a very thick 100% wool felt (4mm) which has been laser cut in the shape of a fox.

Purchase Information:

Price: $80.00

Mayfly Shoes

I’m kinda late to the game on these, but I really like them. They’re designed to be ultra-light (4.8 ounces) and therefore don’t have any of the ridiculous accoutrement that most running shoes have. Instead, all the design features, like the ubiquitous “swoosh” are silk-screened on. Also, they’re only intended to last about 65 running miles (hence the name). 5000 will be made and they’re only available in men’s sizes.

Purchase Information:

Price: $47.49
Availability: Buy Mayfly Shoes here

Rapido Shoes

Thanks Diana for the link.

Update: This item is no longer available through original retailer. (11/19/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99-$59.99
Availability: Buy Rapido Shoes here

chinese newsprint flip-flops by goods of desire

These sturdy foam-core flip-flops are built into a sheet of foam printed with Chinese newspaper ads.

The frame has a portion that pops out for hanging on a wall for storage when not in use. Clever!


medium: 4″w x 11″l
large: 4.25″w x 11.5″l
to determine size, measure the length of street shoe

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Availability: Buy chinese newsprint flip-flops by goods of desire here

Final Home Nomadic Jacket

If you’re planning for an apocalypse, you need to add this clever coat to your arsenal.
“The ample pockets may be filled with newspapers for warmth, or used for storing personal belongings, food, maps, and other survival gear. Hand-wash with cold water or dry clean. One size fits all.”

Imported from Japan. Duh.

Purchase Information:

Price: $215
Availability: Buy Final Home Nomadic Jacket here

Puma Nuala Sneakers

I’m not sure if you’re in the relentless pursuit of comfortable yet cool looking shoes like I am, but if you are, dear friends, I think our hunt is nearing it’s end. Let us pretend just for a moment that one pair of shoes could ever quench our neverending desire for more footwear, and I ask you consider Puma’s Sneaker Sock from Christy Turlington’s Nuala line. Intended for yoga and other indoor uses, I think these would be perfect for city walking too (assuming it’s not raining). I’ve seen these in person and I really regreted not buying them for about a year now.

“In soft bronze-metallic nappa leather, they’re a logical choice for both lunging and lounging indoors. The liners hide cushioning pillows under key stimulation points, and their stretch mesh sides and flexible soles let you push your ‘limberness’ to the limit.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Availability: Buy Puma Nuala Sneakers here