Dining Tables

Moorish Mosaic Table

Remember the Lagarta Stool? This table is from the same designer, Ana Mestre, and utilizes the same natural agglomerate cork, except this time the cork is printed with an intricate Moorish pattern inspired from the historical tiles of the city Beja.

LAX Wall Mounted Table

We all know small kitchens and dining areas can be a challenge, so how about removing some table legs to make things easier? This table by MASH Studios is just about as minimal as you can get, especially if you forgo chairs. There’s a “uniquely engineered steel mounting system” that assures it’ll remain on the wall and, of course, there’s no visual clutter.

Purchase Information:

Price: $420.00

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Available from: Design Public

Branch Dining Table

Well, look at this. You can save a little bit of dough on this new Branch Dining Table from Blu Dot as their annual 20% off sale has now kicked off (from Oct 20 to Nov 8). The solid oak is nicely supported by black powder-coated ‘branch’ steel legs. Two sizes to choose from: 76″ and 91″.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,599.00 reg.
Available from: 2Modern

Dylan Dining Table

Designed by Jonas Wahlstrom, this sustainable shesham plank table has just the right balance of wood and iron to give the industrial vibe without getting too heavy metal, if you know what I mean. The architectural iron ‘W’ base changes shape depending on your sight line; it adds an interesting visual touch. A water-based clear lacquer sealant protects the wood, though coasters are recommended to protect the finish from temperature extremes and spills. Best of all, the price is under the $1G mark.


Purchase Information:

Price: $899.00
Available from: CB2

Blox Mango Table

This table has the nice detail of asymmetric legs to set it apart from other clean lined dining options. Plantation grown solid mango wood makes for a warm wood grain, and the price of $499 means there’s some room in your budget for chairs too.

Seats six.

Purchase Information:

Price: $499.00
Available from: CB2

Loop Stand Frames

Sure, the Loop Stand Table ($1,265.00) is an excellent choice for a dining or work table. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might think about purchasing the Loop Stand Frames (2 pcs, $289.00) instead and then figure out an alternative top for yourself. (Personally, I’ve stained and sealed a plywood top for my own dining table for around $100 and been quite pleased with the results.)


Purchase Information:

Price: $289.00
Availability: Buy Loop Stand Frames here

Saarinen Tables

“I wanted to clear up the slum of legs.” So said Eero Saarinen, designer of the well known pedestal (aka Tulip) collection, which includes a dining, coffee and side table.
Winner of the 1969 Museum of Modern Art Award, Saarinen’s collection is one of many iconic designs from the mid century.

To learn more about the designer, visit Eero Saarinen’s wikipedia page.

More information:

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Balls Table from Moooi

Balls. This is nothing new (2005), but I just noticed the other day that it folds flat for storage. So, in theory, it’s a luxury version of those horrible looking folding tables that have pinched all of our hands at one time or another and driven us nuts with their distinctive ugly appearance. (This looks so much better, of course, and costs quite a bit more, hence the term ‘luxury’ thrown in the previous sentence.)


Purchase Information:

Price: $3,227.00
Availability: Buy Balls Table from Moooi here

Walker vs. Strut

Update: Ah-ha! Blu Dot made this table for Crate&Barrel, hence the striking resemblance. See John’s comment below.

We’re all familiar with the occasional copy cat, and it’s hard to complain when the copier comes up with something so similar at a lesser price point. Sure, there’s the intellectual property argument, but as long as the item is different enough, there’s no real harm done, right? (Right?)


Purchase Information:

Price: $999.00-1299.00

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Available from: Crate&Barrel


Maybe this table won’t win first place in a beauty contest, but it sure will beat the pants off others in a triathlon. It can convert from dining table to coffee table to desk, without tools or finicky extra hardware. And it packs flat for easy storage and transport. See what I mean? It’s multifunctional, and in any tiny apartment space that wins hands down.


Purchase Information:

Price: $650.00
Available from: 3styletable.com

Shift Table by Toby Winteringham

It’s rare that we post bespoke furniture, but occasionally a piece is outstanding enough to deserve a mention. This table is handmade by Toby Winteringham and displays excellent marquetry in dyed veneers and sycamore.

Purchase Information:

Price: £2995.00

Source: SVPPLY

Ypsilon Dining Tables

Do a quick search for ‘Ypsilon Table’ online and you’ll find more than a handful of options, but I hazard a guess that there’s few that cost less than $500. This table is available in either a small round size or the larger rectangle, both coming in comfortably under the $500 mark with a little room to spare.


Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00-449.00
Available from: Crate&Barrel

Clean Table and Benches

So don’t quote me on the name of the table…Exquisit refers to it as “gm50750″, but a rose by any other name right? Or in this case, an impossibly clean-looking table whose main design features are contrast black edges and a minimalist cushion that runs the length of the bench. It’s also available in solid black and two different lengths. Oh, and this can also be used indoors and outdoors.

Table, white or black, 808.00
Bench, white or black, 448.00

Purchase Information:

Price: 1,888.00
Available from: Exquisit24

Nora Custom Dining Table

This table solves the problem of a custom size dining table for a pretty reasonable price, and more importantly, it’s beautifully simple. Add a set of modern chairs with this wood table and you’ve got a classic look that will last a very long time.

from 32-48″W to 36-90″L
Price Range: $1,590.00 – $2,890.00

Also, there’s the Nora Custom Extension Dining Table ($2,490.00 – $3,690.00) should you need expandable options.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,590.00
Availability: Buy Nora Custom Dining Table here

Surface Table

This is one super-incredibly-thin table. It costs fifty thousand freaking dollars. Just thought I’d hit you over the head with that right up front. Lose one of those little zeroes to the left of the decimal point, and suddenly it’s much more reasonable. I don’t mean to be such a critic (I know some people spend that much or more on a car) but I still have trouble absorbing that extra zero. That said, I appreciate the technology behind such an endeavor. It’s definitely a looker.

By using state-of-the-art autosport and aerospace technology, and exploiting the inherent rigidity of layered carbon fiber, Woodgate and Barnard have created an astonishing table that spans nearly 8 feet and has a thickness of less than 1/10 of an inch. Also available in a limited run of 99 with a length of nearly 10 feet.

Designer: Terence Woodgate and John Barnard
Materials: Unidirectional carbon fiber, lacquer or wood veneer, steel legs
Dimensions: L 94.5″ x D 39.4″ x H 29.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $50,000.00
Availability: Buy Surface Table here