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Outdoor Accessories

Baja BBQ firepack

Usually we try very hard not to post something until it’s actually available, but in this case it can’t be helped. I’ll try and update the post as soon as it’s up on a retailer’s site.

“The Baja BBQ Firepack is charcoal packaging that lights instantly and burns away in the grille, making the barbeque experience simple, clean and chemical free. Made from 100% recycled biodegradable paper pulp, the package contains 2 lbs of natural lump charcoal and features an integrated chimney that creates perfect hot coals in 15-20 minutes without the aid of chemicals or lighter fluid. Available at gourmet supermarkets.”

eco-friendly instant charcoal packaging designed by Mike and Maaike for Design Annex/ Lazzari

Gameboy Bricks

While this choice of brick might be an extremely expensive way to pave your garden walkway/patio, they might grab you as worthwhile for nostalgia’s sake.

(*I do feel the need to warn you about the rather unaesthetic site: sorry to whoever made it, but it’s not very pretty.)

10 € ($15.45)
Shipping outside of the E.U. is: 22,80 € ($35.23)
Shipping in the E.U. is: 13,80 € ($21.32)

Purchase Information:

Price: &euro15.45
Availability: Buy Gameboy Bricks here

Notebook Portable Grill

Check it out: this portable grill simply folds up so it’s easy to carry around. Everyone will think you’re the coolest when you bring this to a picnic or backyard BBQ.

‘Yes, this is one grill that is pretty amazing. A super-slim, portable charcoal grill that lives up to its boast as a “notebook.” And a superstylish one at that! It’s lightweight, too, weighing in at slightly over 8 lbs—seriously!–and the cut-out handles make it a cinch to carry. There’s a 192-square-inch cooking surface on a stainless steel grate, and the stainless steel black surface has a waterproof finish. All in all it comes in at 18”x14”x12.”’

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Availability: Buy Notebook Portable Grill here

Cuckoo Clock Bird Houses

I love, love, love this bird house (and its price).

“Classic design lets the form serve our winged pals!”

Black only.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.99
Availability: Buy Cuckoo Clock Bird Houses here

(Spherical) Bird Houses

Such a perfect modern home for our feathered friends…

“Designers Gavin Christman and Kate Knapp created the Bird House as a response to the disappearing habitats of small North American birds. Its understated spherical design and small entry hole make it impervious to the advances of squirrels and other predators, and it’s sized to offer a safe nesting spot for blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits. The Bird House comes in recyclable packaging and includes stainless steel brackets and all the necessary hardware.” Diameter 7″


Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Neuton Mower

If you have a lawn, take note:

“The EPA estimates that of the 800 million gallons of gas used to fuel lawn mowers in the U.S. every year, about 17 million gallons are spilled, which can contaminate ground water. However, your ‘it’s bad for the environment’ excuse for not mowing the lawn is about to end. The Neuton Battery-Powered Mower (2007) is a smart alternative to loud, gas-guzzling machines that are difficult to start. It runs on a rechargeable battery, and in place of a pull-cord, this mower starts by turning a safety knob and squeezing the handlebar.”

*produces no CO2 emissions
*24-volt battery gives you enough power to mow for 45-60 minutes

Purchase Information:

Price: $479.00
Availability: Buy Neuton Mower here

Rainwater Hog

I had posted the waterHOG in our Remodel section at the beginning of this month, and sure enough, it is now available through DWR. This non-permanent water storage solution can work as a single unit or in multiples and can be installed vertically or horizontally.

“The Rainwater Hog (2006) is a small-scale modular storage tank for collecting rainwater that can be reused for watering plants, washing the car or whatever you need…The Hog can be installed vertically against a wall, or horizontally, and it’s specifically sized to fit between structural frames. One unit holds 47 gallons of rainwater collected from a downspout, and if a larger capacity is needed, simply attach another Hog. A percentage of sales will go to the nonprofit Water Aid. A Leaf Catcher/Outlet Kit must be purchased (sold separately) for the Hog.”

H 71″ W 20″ D 9″

Purchase Information:

Price: $650.00
Available from: DWR

Leather Handle Topiary Sheers

I can honestly say I’ve never admired Topiary Sheers before.

“Inspired by the design of sheep shears, the Leather Handle Topiary Shears (2005) have a one-handed grip which positions the hand right over the blades, offering maximum cutting control. Great for topiary shaping, these Shears are also ideal for lawn edging, pruning, opening compost sacks and dozens of other trimming jobs around the garden. The soft, weather-treated leather handle offers added comfort for hours of trimming.”

H 10.5″ W 3.5″ D 1.5″

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $80.00
Availability: Buy Leather Handle Topiary Sheers here

Rosendahl Outdoor Thermometer

Barely-there thermometer to aid your ‘is-it-cold-enough-to-wear-a-coat’ dilemma each morning…

‘Outdoor Thermometer to be placed directly on the window. Easy “click” on and off when cleaning the window.’

Dia 9cm

Purchase Information:

Price: $54.00
Availability: Buy Rosendahl Outdoor Thermometer here

Birdhouse (Birch)

Maybe it’s a bit early for the birds where you are, but come springtime you’d be ready with new diggs for your feathered friends.

Birch and pine
17″ x 8″ x 5″

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Birdhouse (Birch) here

Recycled Tyre Planter

Not sure if this is to everyone’s taste, but I really like this planter. It’s not just that it’s made from recycled tires, it’s the handcrafted quality and texture that make it a unique choice for planting or storage.

“Each one strong and beautiful. Each one slightly different.
Suitable for growing small trees and shrubs, bedding plants and herbs, potatoes and squashes. Also a great way to store rakes, hoes and spades.”

Handmade from 100% recycled tyres.

Height 60cm; Widths 44cm, 48cm and 52cm

Purchase Information:

Price: $99.00
Availability: Buy Recycled Tyre Planter here

Clapper by André Klauser

Mmmm…Is there anything better than sun dried laundry? “When not in use it folds up and fits into the smallest of corners. Max. Load: 58 underpants.”

Neoshed- Birdhouses

If these birdhouses were in a competition they’d win hands down. All have detachable mounting bracket and hinged floor for access.

From left to right:
Type a01, Inspired by the work of Richard Meier, 7″L x 7″W x 7″H
Type 01, Inspired by the type01 shed, 6″L x 6″W x 7″H
Type 02, Inspired by the type03 shed, 6″L x 10″W x 9″H.
[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $150
Availability: Buy Neoshed- Birdhouses here

Chilewich Shag Mats

You can’t beat this rug. Or rather, you can (ha ha), but it’s just as easy to hose it off with the garden tap. Not a bad price for a good-looking mat that can go inside or out…

“Indoor/Outdoor all-weather mats designed by Sandy Chilewich to be as durable as they are graphically bold. We’ve been using them in the entryway and in front of the kitchen sink, and they take the abuse in stride. Just hose them off to clean. Quick to dry, and resistant to mold and mildew.”

Black/White or Blue/Green, 24″x36″

Purchase Information:

Price: $62.00
Availability: Buy Chilewich Shag Mats here

Folding Picnic Set by XXD

I’m sure there are places right now that are enjoying the type of weather that begs for picnics, even though where I am it would be unheard of (too hot). This set is so small it can fit in your glove compartment! How’s that for spontaneity?

“Equipped with two plastic plates, two sets of silverware, a corkscrew and a container for salt and pepper, the picnic set unfolds to provide an instant “blanket” and everything you need for instant gratification – just add a bottle of wine, some bread , cheese, salami….and you’re ready to eat…”

when folded, 8″ x 8″ x 1″

Purchase Information:

Price: $52.00
Availability: Buy Folding Picnic Set by XXD here