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Outdoor Accessories

Bird Bottle

Did you know that birdbottles were popular throughout most of the 18th century and were intended mostly for pest control? While the original birdbottles were made from rejected ceramic jugs, this modern day aluminum design provides a sleeker perch for your nearby insect-catching birds.

Constructed out of aluminum, the Birdbottle’s tubular profile and slanted entrance roof provide ample security for nesting birds. The polished stainless steel perch welcomes birds home and provides a perfect spot for them to sit outside and watch over the surrounding landscape.

$142.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $142.00
Availability: Buy Bird Bottle here

DWR Outdoor Sale

With all the summer sales going on it’s a little overwhelming to pick which items to post, but usually the most colorful and most discounted wins out.

Cadrona Mailbox, Was: $380.00 Now: $190.00
Rubber Tubs (Set of 4), Was: $220.00 Now: $110.00
Miss Rio Ottoman, Was: $350.00 Now: $175.00
Leather Handle Topiary Shears, Was: $80.00 Now: $40.00
Flat Rubber Tubs (Set of 3), Was: $150.00 Now: $75.00
Log Carrier, Was: $70.00 Now: $35.00
Marais A56 Armchair (Gunmetal), Was: $275.00 Now: $137.50

More information:

View DWR Outdoor Sale here

Steel Birdhouses

This bright steel birdhouse will adapt to a bird feeder in the winter (see here for photos). Smart.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Sparky Fire Pit

For you lucky ducks that have cooler evenings in the summer months, this fire pit will keep your toes warm while you entertain outside.

Underneath the stars, outside the condo. Sleek black sheet steel woodburner with steel mesh cover makes for modern conversation around the fire.

  • Sheet steel with steel mesh cover
  • Heat-resistant lacquer finish
  • Use on fireproof, outdoor surfaces only
  • Strictly for woodburning; not intended for use as a grill or for food prep


Update: originally from CB2, but no longer available.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Have fun & be safe this holiday weekend.

Star Citronella Mini Torches, reg. $8.95
Star Dishtowels, reg. $7.95 $3.95

[posted by katie]

More information:

View 4th of July here

POD Aluminium Planters

These planters have a great look with a not-so-bad price. You can opt for the stand or not, it’s up to you. Choose from orange, red, yellow, white, sea green, or brown.

Each planter is hand spun from aluminum and powder coated–making them durable for outdoors. The steel stands are fitted with rubber, shock-absorbing pads at both ends to protect the planter and floor surface–making them ideal for indoors. Two planter styles, two stand heights and six color options yield countless configurations to customize a single planter or grouping according to your site.

Planter 16″ dia x 10″ h, Low stand 15″ t, High Stand 22″ t
Made in Los Angeles.

$48.00-$158.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00-$158.00
Availability: Buy POD Aluminium Planters here

Polycarbonate Glasses by Italesse

As the summer sun heats up, make sure you’re ready for those out-of-doors drinks with these polycarbonate (i.e. unbreakable) glasses.

technio-shaped stemmed glasses suitable for sparkling or still wines. the newest in polycarbonate injection technology enabled us to shorten the stem and make them ideal also for serving long drinks and cocktails too. unbreakable and perfect for poolside, boats, bbq’s on the deck, or that guest who tends to break your nice crystal stemware.

prive beach flute, set of 4, $34.00
prive grand cru beach flute, set of 2, $34.00
vertical beach party glasses, set of 2, $30.00
vertical beach glasses, set of 2, $34.00

Buy it here.

(If these are a bit pricey, check out the polycarbonate glasses at Target…they’re a bit more affordable.)

Stainless Steel Notebook Grill

Hopefully you are enjoying your Memorial Day, perhaps with a picnic or cook-out? You might remember the black notebook grill, but the new stainless steel version is quite a looker.

The super-slim, portable charcoal grill that A+R pals made an overnight phenomenon last summer is now available in a stainless steel finish and with a larger cooking surface. Cook, say, six burgers instead of 4. There’s a 250-square-inch cooking surface on a stainless steel grate. Like its black counterpart, this new version is lightweight, weighing in at less than 9 lbs. The cut-out handles make it a cinch to carry, and the stainless steel surface has a waterproof finish. As a cooker or a gift, it’s a hit at any party.

Size (folded): 21″ w x 19″ h x 1″ d
Size (assembled): 21″ w x 19″ h x 15″ d

$68.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00
Availability: Buy Stainless Steel Notebook Grill here


Quick, before looking, which one do you think is more expensive? Now, did you expect that much of a price difference?

Haseform Hanging Bird Feeder, $40.00, Buy it here.
Eva Solo Bird Table, $205.00, Buy it here.

More information:

View Birdfeeders here

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Luncheon on the grass (picnic blanket)

Dine upon one of Edouard Manet’s most scandalous works. To learn more about the painting, go here.

Picnic blanket/tablecloth
100% cotton
Size : 150x200cm

€180.00 or $226.80, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: &euro180.00
Availability: Buy Luncheon on the grass (picnic blanket) here

MIO at Target

That’s right, it’s Earth Day today, so, as a nod to our little planet, I’ve compiled some of MIO’s products available at Target. The following three posts are eco-friendly as well.

MIO Herb Garden Grow Kit – Set of 2: $19.98 Buy it here.

MIO 3-pc. Bamboo Handle Gardening Tool Set: $20.97, Buy it here.

MIO Watering Can: $24.99, Buy it here.

MIO Composter: $99.99, Buy it here.

MIO Solar Path Light – Set of 2: $29.99, Buy it here.

(* MIO was founded by the Salm brothers (Isaac, the numbers guy and Jaime, the design guy) with the objective of combining business rigor with environmentally and socially progressive design. -MIO)

More information:

View MIO at Target here

Soji Modern Lantern

These lovely lanterns are solar powered, so you’ll not have to worry about electricity or wires when having your outdoor soirees.

Already Included: 9″ Lantern with built-in solar panel, AAA Rechargeable Battery, Wire frame supports,
Stainless steel hanging handle

$39.99, Buy it here.

(thanks Jamey!)

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.99
Availability: Buy Soji Modern Lantern here

Folding Bird House

Technically this would be a bird feeder, right? Either way, it sure looks good.

This contemporary bird feeder comes flat-packed and easily folds upright. Includes a wooden perch and a metal string for hanging. Made of white-painted steel. Hand-wash only.

Designers: Jesper Moller Hansen,
Dorthe Weis, 2007
Size: Assembled: 7h x 10w x 7.75″d

$50.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Availability: Buy Folding Bird House here

Luau Portable Lamp

If you’re planning on spending any time lounging around outdoors this summer, you might want to consider these portable indoor/outdoor lamps (plus, right now you can get two for the price of one at DWR).

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.99
Available from: DWRLamp Plus

Audubon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Such smarts! What other things can you make from a plastic soda bottle? A ton of things apparently. Here are some links: DIY soda bottle bird feeder, self-watering plant container, hanging planter (like the grow-your-tomatoes-upside-down thingy), and a bunch of other stuff.

H 3.5″ W 5.5″ D 1.25″
Zinc alloy.

Available 5/1/2009
$15.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Availability: Buy Audubon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder here