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Wall Lighting


This modular lighting system is based on combinable, illuminated balls. Each ball, or molecule, has three flat, rectangular surfaces, which allows for easy installation in and around corners.

One & two ball configurations are available for inner room edges, 3 and 6 ball combinations for outer edges, as well as a 4 ball configuration for the wall. Simply order the corresponding number of basic units.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00
Availability: Buy Molecular_Light here

quin.mgx lamp series by bathsheba grossman

This is crazy. At the time of your purchase, materialize will give you a cd-rom which has a proprietary software file on it. You then take the file back to materialise and they will recreate the your lamp for you.

“the truly unique aspect of each materialise lamp is that it was created through the use of rapid prototyping technology. this 3-d material printing process allows for an unlimited freedom of design far beyond the capacity of traditional manufacturing processes.

you may be wondering why materialise products are named with the *.mgx extension? *.mgx is the file extension for materialise’s proprietary software. each product produced by materialise is rendered from a unique *.mgx file which accompanies your product on a cd rom. you can reproduce your product by sending the *.mgx file to materialise.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $1984
Availability: Buy quin.mgx lamp series by bathsheba grossman here

carlos night-light by kathleen walsh

If one were to need a night-light, why not have one named Carlos? If it doesn’t strike you as your favorite, give it some time; it’ll grow on you.

“the carlos night-light is a small porcelain night light with a sweet disposition. designed by kathleen walsh for walteria living, carlos is constructed of bright white porcelain which emits a warm glow when lit from the inside. carlos comes complete with a clip socket, 7.5 watt bulb and a snap-together linen medical cone.”

7″h x 3.5″w x 4.5″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $160.00
Availability: Buy carlos night-light by kathleen walsh here

Slide Light

This would be a neat way to show some of your photography skills off…plus, you’ll look all artsy. You can interchange whatever slides you like whenever you want in this low-light showcase.

Wall mount horizontal or vertical.

small: 24″ long (13 slides)
large: 48″ long (25 slides)
Materials: White enamelled steel

Romance 06 Wall Lamp by Contraforma

This is the first time I’ve laid eyes on the wall lamp of Contraforma’s Romance collection, and I have to say I’m quite pleased that they’ve expanded into lighting.

“an unmistakably modern lamp with a neo-romantic twist. the stark durability of laser-cut, powder-coated steel is offset by fragile perforation, which gives way to the light from within and acts as a playground for illumination and shadows. 27 x 12d x 27 cm (10.6″ sq; 4.7″d). available in white with white interior, champagne with white interior, or graphite black with white interior.”

(I do have to warn you that shipping might take a little longer than you’re used to, ’cause it’s from across the pond…but that’s a small price to pay I think.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $215.00
Availability: Buy Romance 06 Wall Lamp by Contraforma here

Mood-Light Flat Tile

This would work well for a commercial installation and would be especially cool in the right residential application. I say this because it would probably work best in a room where the light it creates is the central focus, not the furnishings.

“The Mood-Light Flat Tile is a large square panel concealing LED’s that pulse and sweep in an infinite variety of colors. Create your own light scenarios and color combinations with the Mood-Light remote control. By changing the intensity of the primary colors red, green and blue you can blend unlimited color combinations. Preprogrammed sequences are included. You can display active light functions, random interchanging color combinations, rainbow color sequences, fusions of gradually changing colors and pulsating light. The sound mode displays color effects in sync with music beats. The Mood-Light Flat Tile has a flat diffuser with no outer frame, allowing groups to fit together to form a near seamless light wall. Multiple units can be installed together to create a wall of light. DMX version also available.
panel, remote control and power supply sold separately. remote and power source are necessary for operation. UL approved.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $550
Availability: Buy Mood-Light Flat Tile here

Reflective Light Panels

This is pretty cool. It’s similar to the light panels posted the other day, but the light hides behind a reflective surface until you tell change it via remote.

Thanks JP!

Purchase Information:

Price: $564
Availability: Buy Reflective Light Panels here

Plexo Light

Pretty lights are one of my favorite things…and I like the fact that it kind of does an optical illusion as you move around it:

“Think of the Plexo as a futuristic take on a traditional Japanese lantern. Plexo’s shell is made from one flat die cut film that has been folded origami-style. The form looks solid but feels flexible when you touch it. Lights inside the Plexo refract on the shell to create an optical illusion that wraps and changes as you walk around it.

You can easily attach Plexo to the wall using the included wall mount pin. Alternately, Plexo can sit flat on a tabletop or dresser.”

11″l x 11″w x 4.50″d (6 foot cord)

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Availability: Buy Plexo Light here

Bruco Wall Lamp

Wall lighting perfect for a lone wall or even a long hallway. Nickel-plated metal structure. Diffuser in white satined blown glass.

Purchase Information:

Price: $178.00
Availability: Buy Bruco Wall Lamp here

Screen Wall Lamp

Ooo, these look very futurish, which is good if you’re me, or if you’re somebody that likes futurish things.

“screen was designed by pio and tito toso for foscarini in 2005. this stunning wall lamp has a blown glass shade with a polished finish on the outside and a white matt finish on the inside. the glass shade, blown into a fixed mold, allows the light to flow freely upwards while serving as a shade against glare. it has an epoxy powder painted metal structure and is available in two colors.”

White or Black.

dimensions: 13.25″w x 13.25″l x 3.8″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $470.00
Availability: Buy Screen Wall Lamp here

Pigeon Light

A pretty pink pigeon made of Perspex.

Wall mounted 3mm vac-formed Perspex with 25W light bulb. Designed by Ed Carpenter.
Available in Pink or White.

Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Availability: Buy Pigeon Light here


This is probably a little different than what you’re used to. A soft, woven fibre-glass cloth is the “shade” of this light, and possibilities are endless. You can hang in on a wall, lay it on the floor- really, any way you choose, this light would be lovely.

Dimensions: cloth: 28.75″ x 28.75″
Materials: glass fiber cloth, synthetic material, 40W bulb

Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Availability: Buy Delight here

Nut Sconce

The Nut Sconce by Ray Power (is that a stage name?) uses thin woof veneer (in either natural cherry or white ash) over a formed polyester shape which allows both direct and indirect lighting.

The Sconce easily installs vertically or horizontally. Bulb (not included): Incandescent 40W/120V/E26/A19. Made in Spain

Purchase Information:

Price: $228
Availability: Buy Nut Sconce here

Writer’s Block Lamp

This is something fun- it can function as a bookend or as an “enlightened” book within a row of books. Hand-polished.

Dimensions: 7.25″H x 5.3″W x 2″D
Materials: Clear Lexane

Purchase Information:

Price: $169.00
Availability: Buy Writer’s Block Lamp here

Tong Wall Light

This would be voted “easiest light fixture to install”. No directions necessary (except for you read-everything-twice-before-picking-up-the-drill) since you just screw in the curved aluminum piece to the wall, and then clip in the reflective bulb. All that’s left is plugging the cord into an outlet. See? Super easy.

7″ tall, 2.5″ wide, and 8″ in depth

(8’ white cordset and a 40w bulb are included in the price)

Purchase Information:

Price: $80.00
Availability: Buy Tong Wall Light here