Soft Lamp- Hanging

You might have seen the flat version of this posted before, but this is the first time I’ve come accross this smaller/thinner version.

“This whimsical rubber lamp is called “soft” because in fact it is; one can literally flex the diffuser which contains the bulb. It can be used anywhere. The cord which suspends the diffuser seemingly melts into the diffuser creating a continuous form.”

Available in white only.

notes: diffuser measures 4″ x 7″; cord measures 54″ maximum length (can be cut as part of being installed into ceiling fixture)

Purchase Information:

Price: $108.00
Availability: Buy Soft Lamp- Hanging here

New York Bling Light

Regardless of your feelings on heavy metal upon one’s personage, in a room it can add a certain amount of shine and decorative touch that other materials can’t match. And, hey, who doesn’t love a bit of reflective jewelry for the home that’s under $250?

Diameter- 41 cm

Colours: Silver with white inside or silver with red inside

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Availability: Buy New York Bling Light here

Willydilly by Ingo Maurer (Suspension Lamp)

It’s really quite fortunate that something this lovely is less than $150.

“designed by ingo maurer, 1983, willydilly is a suspension style lamp with a 230 / 125 volt, max. 60 watt E27 socket and comes complete with a white translucent stiffened card shade and a 3.51” diameter plastic canopy with fluorescent clip. the height adjustable cable is 78” in length. the shape and size of the shade can be varied as required. bulb not included. willydilly measures 13.65” width by 19.5” height (as shown in diagram).”

78 inch length

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Availability: Buy Willydilly by Ingo Maurer (Suspension Lamp) here

Random Light

Hugely dramatic, light as a feather and distinctly Dutch, the Random Light (2002) by Bertjan Pot began as a modernist craft project of sorts. After attempts at knitting fiberglass as a means of creating structure, Pot turned to coiling epoxy-dipped fiberglass around a large balloon in varying patterns. Once the balloon was popped, the dramatic globe shape remained, becoming a buoyant pendant lamp for an entryway, dining room or lounge area. The light bulb is visible at the center of the globe, and when lit, creates an allover glow with minimal glare.

Bulb (not included): Incandescent 75W/120V/E26/A19.
Made in the Netherlands. UL listed for commercial use.

Purchase Information:

Price: $510.00
Availability: Buy Random Light here

Falkland Pendant Light- Spazia

I believe we posted this light over a year ago, but unfortunately I had not realized the actual scale, despite dimensions being readily available. It’s a whole lot of light (as shown in a better picture with a human form as comparison) for a decent price.

“Designed by Bruno Munari in 1964, this original custom design became a modern-day classic. The Falkland Pendant Lamp features a tubular metal frame and aluminum structure, with an elastic fabric shade, and operates on a single 100W (max) standard light bulb (not included).”

6 diameter x 65 height (fully extended) (inches)

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Availability: Buy Falkland Pendant Light- Spazia here

ddr-52 porcelain lamp

The industrial feel to this lamp is disarming, you’d think it was any ‘ol lamp, but I suppose the fact it’s from Droog Design collection means we should like it more.

materials: Porcelain, metal.

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Availability: Buy ddr-52 porcelain lamp here

Cog Light

Add this to your list of very affordable lightsources. It’s always nice to find something that you could pay for without feeling the least bit guilty.

“Cog is a sophisticated pendant shade with a sleek and elegant appearance. All Blue Marmalade’s design ingenuity has gone into developing this shade so that it can be made from one single material, even the lamp holder is made from the same thin sheet plastic and it can still take bulbs up to 100W making it a bright spark.”

White Polypropylene

H 30 cm dia 23 cm

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Availability: Buy Cog Light here

Basket Saucer Suspension

I often joke that lighting is to a room as a hand bag is to a woman’s ensemble: the perfect finishing touch. So it doesn’t surprise me that i can remember 3 years back when the d-form lighting catalog first arrived in my mailbox; stunning only begins to describe these lamps and pendants. Founded in 2001 and based in Brooklyn, James Dieter and company hand assemble each lamp of die cut wood veneers in one of six breathtaking patterns.

My favorite is this Nelson-inspired Basket Saucer Suspension pendant. Available in aspen or birch veneer, each is custom made-to-order. A bit pricey, yes, but could you imagine anything more beautiful above your dining table?

Diffuser: Diameter 30 in., Height 11 in.
Downrod: Length 24 in.
Overall Length: 35 in.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1795.00
Availability: Buy Basket Saucer Suspension here

Agave – Sphere Pendant

Check it out: it’s energy-efficient, on sale, and has different light filters so you can change the mood whenever it strikes you.

“As they experimented with lighting designs that used fluorescent bulbs, designers Rossi and Tedesco set out to create an energy-efficient fixture that was also technically and aesthetically sophisticated. The result is the modular Agave Lamp, a ribbed, radial structure made of acrylic and resembling the rosette of an agave plant. The Agave produces a light as clear as tequila (which comes from the plant) and optimizes light distribution, whether throughout a room or over a table top. Each model comes with three primary colored light filters, for a total of nine shades of light to let you customize the room’s hues according to mood or event.”

H 12″ Diameter 10″ Cord L 75″

Purchase Information:

Price: $461.00
Availability: Buy Agave – Sphere Pendant here

Castiglioni Splugen Brau (light)

Designed in 1964, this pendant lamp will be forever current because of the material and semi-classic shape…

“Pendant fixture providing direct light. Corrugated polished aluminum shade with highly polished spun aluminum reflector. Uses one 100W Silverbowl A-19 bulb. ”

Designer: Archille Castiglioni
Materials: Aluminum
Approx: 8″ H; 14.1″ DIA

Purchase Information:

Price: $376.00
Availability: Buy Castiglioni Splugen Brau (light) here

Spoon Light by Studio Verissimo

Luxurious light, indeed. This light proves that sustainability sure can be easy on the eyes…

“Studio Verissimo consists of Portugese designers Claudio Cardoso and Telma Verissimo. The core activity of this studio is lighting, furniture and space designs, etc…. Spoon is a light made from plastic coffee spoons which go into the garbage daily by the thousands. The objective was to create a luxurious light with this waste.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $180.00
Availability: Buy Spoon Light by Studio Verissimo here

Hammered Metal Pendant Lamp

Often texture is used as a way to add interest and drama to an interior- this particular lamp is hammered metal, which adds a very subtle shimmering effect.

Hardwire. 100W bulb (not included). UL listed.

24″diam x 9.25″h.

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Availability: Buy Hammered Metal Pendant Lamp here


This is quite stunning.

“Creepers is a complex pattern of fine, light catching leaves made of laser sintered nylon. Clipping an array of Creeper stems on floor-to-ceiling cables creates floating clouds of light that divide interior spaces. Intertwined leaves sprout from the stem in a seemingly random disorder: collectively these surfaces cover a pre-ordained reflector area. Each leaf follows the same structural rules but with considerable scope for individual variance. Thicknesses taper from the main stem to reflectors thin enough to be semi-translucent. The stems contain LEDs that project light onto the leaves.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $399
Availability: Buy Creepers.mgx here

Light Frame Pendant

I have no idea what this is made out of (acrylic?), but it sure is pretty.

h 11 ¾” ø 39 ¼”

Purchase Information:

Price: $798.00
Availability: Buy Light Frame Pendant here

Cross Pendant –Now on Sale

“The bold but spare Cross Pendant Light, winner of the red dot award in 2003, is a roto-molded double cruciform lamp that distills the iconic shape to its bones and accomplishes it with ironic refinement. When switched on, it becomes a luminous white or orange plus sign, radiating soft circles of light from each end. Hung laterally in multiples, a group of Pendants forms a constellation of stars. A light bulb fits into the cross’s center through the upper cylinder. The lamp can be suspended from above to achieve a soft, complex glow or placed on a table as a sculptural light source. Bulb (not included) Incandescent 60W/120V/E26/A19.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $228
Availability: Buy Cross Pendant –Now on Sale here