Wish Paper

Kind of clever, and doesn’t require carving a chicken.

“The quantum unpredictability of tearing paper lets you make wishes by completely natural chance. This paper pad has 100 sheets of invisibly fibrous paper with an exact starting point for tearing. In the end, the bigger piece of paper gives a perfectly impartial decision. They can be used for all kinds of decision-making, more specifically in deciding whose wish gets granted. They can all be used by one or two persons. Of course, they can also be used for writing notes to yourself or others.”

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Price: $16.00
Availability: Buy Wish Paper here

Return to sender

There’s something nice about this. You can write someone a postcard and then they can write on the other side and send it back to you. Much more personal than email.

Pack of 10 post cards.

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Price: $6.24
Availability: Buy Return to sender here

“&pencil” notebook

This is so smart I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of it sooner…the pencil stays put when closed, thanks to an elastic strap.

comprises 100 pages of grid lined paper.

dimension : 7.5” x 5”

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Price: $17.00
Availability: Buy “&pencil” notebook here

Flower Notecards

For those of you that prefer to correspond by putting pen to paper, these notecards are a nice option. Different envelope flap colors are available: turquoise, brown, red, and purple.

5 cards to a pack

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Price: $15.00
Availability: Buy Flower Notecards here

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Lucky Snowflake Ornament Card

I know it’s probably way too late to get these for this holiday season, but, hey, if you buy them now you can save them for next year and be way ahead of the game. They’re awfully pretty.

“Holiday card and ornament in one. Each card is laser-cut in Wisconsin with interlocking snowflakes – just detach, add the included bronze thread and hang! Cards say ‘Happy Holidays’ inside and come with bronze envelope.”

Designer: Possum and Chestnut, NYC

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Price: $7.00
Availability: Buy Lucky Snowflake Ornament Card here

Sierra Sophie Sketch Notebook

Lovely design with a nice combination of colors…

“9 1/2″w x 6″ h x 1″ deep sketchbook with printed cover, bookcloth binding, removable canvas strap and colored ribbon bookmark. 300 blank pages.”

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Price: $19.75
Availability: Buy Sierra Sophie Sketch Notebook here

ring whitebook leather notepad by nava milano

When I’m on the plane or waiting for an appointment, I love to make lists and jot ideas down. Any notepad will do, obviously, but this one would make me look “smart”, as my grandma used to say.

Notebook has a bonded leather cover and coordinating pencil. available in your choice of white, black, orange, pink, green or acid-green. 3.9″ x 5.9″

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Price: $33
Availability: Buy ring whitebook leather notepad by nava milano here

Telegram Stationery Set

Very well done and oh so cute.

“This stationery is inspired by a 1920s British telegram. Printed on heavy weight baby blue paper and comes with official looking metal clasp envelopes. The light gray envelopes are perfectly sized so you can mail the telegram flat.”

Set of 6 telegrams and envelopes.

8.5″ x 5″ notecard, 6″ x 9″ envelopes.

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Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Telegram Stationery Set here

take note notepad

This notepad (which is embossed with “Have you begun today what you want to be tomorrow?”) would make a great gift for a new graduate or just any one in general that you think needs a reminder to take advantage of today.

• 250 pages of heavyweight paper
• Rotates on stainless steel grommet for easy access
• Perforated pages for easy removal
• Embossed cardboard cover

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Price: $9.95
Availability: Buy take note notepad here

Set Editions, Cardstock

If you’re not one to enjoy trips to the neighborhood market/gift store at the very last minute in order to spend too much time picking out just the right card, then this set of cards might be a godsend. Think of it, all the time (and stress) you’ll bypass…

40 greeting cards (4 1/4 x5 1/2):
6 Birthday, 2 Congratulations, 2 Valentines, 6 Thank You, 2 Mothers Day, 2 Fathers Day, 2 Sympathy, 2 Anniversary, 4 Blank, 2 Get Well, 6 Holiday, 4 New Year

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Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Set Editions, Cardstock here


Get away from the typical e-mail invite with these multiple choice invitations that have the perfect amount of information on them: reason for the party, date, location, time and RSVP information.

Paper+Cup, Brooklyn

Purchase Information:

Price: $15

Genius Pads

Are you chronically ignoring your to-do lists? Have a live-in who always leaves the lights on? Need to leave yourself reminders that are impossible to forget? Try these oversized notes on for size. They come from England, so you may want to order a few to make the shipping more bearable.

10.7288 USD for 1 pad with 100 sheets
16.0932 USD for 1 pad with 150 sheets.

More information:

View Genius Pads here

jack and lulu oval collection

Sometimes an oval says it better than a square. Huh? That doesn’t make much sense, does it? I think my point is that I like the idea of an oval blank card instead of the traditional square/rectangle.

Flat cards measure H 5.5″ x W 6.5″
All flat cards are blank on both sides.

Available in: cherry trimmed notes w/ light blue envelopes, and light blue trimmed notes w/ olive envelopes.

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Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy jack and lulu oval collection here

Vintage Magazine Notecards

Recycle in style. These envelopes are from repurposed vintage magazines, with inserts of recycled paper, so you’ll be doing your part without sacrifice (like having boring stationary).

“These unique, one-of-a-kind notecards are made by designers Joshua Trees and Yván Martínez, who hand-select pages from the old magazines and convert them into envelopes. No computer scanning or printing is involved. The envelopes are made with original vintage magazine stock. The writing sheets are printed by an offset printer using “direct-to-plate” film-less technology, without toxic photographic chemicals.”

Set of 5 envelopes and 10 writing sheets.

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Price: $7.50
Availability: Buy Vintage Magazine Notecards here

Honesty Stamp

Sometimes you just need to tell people you’re sorry. If you find yourself to the point where you need to do it frequently, get one of these to avoid the hand-cramps. The British spelling is a bonus to help it go over well.

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Price: $26.00
Availability: Buy Honesty Stamp here