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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • We finally got our stuff together and set up a BLTD newsletter; now you won’t miss anything ever again.
  • Get a load of this weekend retreat by MW Works (via adventure-journal)
  • Quick trick: Lighting a Candle Using Smoke (and a lighter)
  • Awesome. The Rijksmuseum Puts 125,000 Dutch Masterpieces Online, and Lets You Remix Its Art
  • What’s Really Happening In Blacked-Out Manhattan
  • Overcoming Creative Block in 10 Easy Steps by Debbie Millman (via Explore)
  • “…each breath we take consists of 8 x 10^22 atoms. To get some sense of that last number, if each of those atoms of air were a grain of sand, every breath you took would cover the entire United States to the depth of an eight-story building.” Cleopatra’s Last Breath (via itsokaytobesmart)
  • Sarah Illenberger – Soft Heart, Soft Mind (2012)
  • Enormous Daddy Long-Legs Overtake the Seattle Center Armory
  • Pumpktris

  • Time-Lapse of Hurricane Sandy Hitting New York City, (via swissmiss). Remember, lots of people are still without power. To donate, go to American Red Cross.

    Have a nice weekend.


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