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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Democrats & Republicans Disagree on Brands, Too
  • This place has an interesting bed storage solution: Potts Point Apartment (via design milk)
  • The secret meaning of the lines on a Solo cup (which turns out to be completely coincidental)
  • “The most inspiring leaders are those who donโ€™t work at a job but pursue a calling.” from the article Homeless Man Turned Millionaire Offers The Best Advice I Ever Got
  • We Americans spend less on groceries than we did in 1982, and we spend more on processed foods: What America Spends On Groceries
  • For your next move, bookmark (via Unconsumption)
  • Nice cabinetry eye candy: Rainer Spehl (via plastolux)
  • freecycle (via unconsumption)
  • Have a very nice weekend.


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