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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • The Plug Book
  • I’m in love: Camp Treehouse
  • 30 unexpected things you can still put in the compost
  • This may or may not become a post next week: eco-amp (via treehugger)
  • Yarn Bombing Rocky and the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Dwell: The Real Cost of Rip-offs (I strongly suggest reading this article, as it makes some excellent points.)
  • Items from Hirotoshi Ito: creepy yet impressive.
  • Bespoke Dazzle Rug from the Rug Company (“…inspired by the Dazzle pattern that was painted onto World War II ships to disguise them from German U boats.”)
  • Measuring the Universe ~ 4 min. video (via Neatorama)
  • Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Have fun, stay safe, etc.


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