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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Wired: Watch a Live Feed of Tonight’s Northern Lights
  • PaperKarma allows you to take photos of the junk mail you wish to stop. Sounds very promising, doesn’t it?(via Unconsumption)
  • Dwell: LEGO® Modern Home Design Competition
  • There’s some lovely wood items/furniture at this shop:
  • After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses via @Pogue
  • When this cradle is no longer needed it can be sawn in half to create a pair of rocking chairs: Martin Price’s baby’s rocking cradle
  • Infographic: Women in Architecture
  • And, finally, an owl attacks security cam in super slo-mo HD:

    (via bookofjoe)

  • Enjoy your weekend!


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