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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Charming online shop located in the UK: OBJECTS of USE
  • Invisible bridge by Dutch architects Ro and Ad (via Magpie Diaries)
  • Anyone know about this book? As in, who made it?
  • Noa’s Calendar on sale for $22.50 (from $45, mind you) at KIOSK.
  • Child’ s Own Studio makes custom softie toys/dolls based on children’s drawings. They’re pretty wonderful. While they’re a bit behind in fulfilling orders, there’s now additional softie makers that you can contact directly should you wish to have your toy/doll made sooner rather than later.
  • Some bookmark-worthy interior images crop up on this site often: Japanese Trash
  • bookofjoe: Door stop as hook
  • Meryl Streep Has Been Giving Away Millions in Secret for Years. Wouldn’t it be nice if all high-paid people did the same?
  • Can a pill take away the desire for religion? via @brainpicker
  • Searching for the real relationship between money and happiness: “High incomes don’t bring you happiness, but they do bring you a life you think is better.”
  • via swissmiss:

    Giant soap bubbles РBulles de savon g̩antes from Ebullitions on Vimeo.

    Have a nice weekend!


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