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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • New York Public Library Turns its 19th Century Photo Collection Into 3D Animated GIFs… presumably to entice young things into its archives.
  • All The Food You Eat Is Why You’re Fat (But it’s not your fault.)
  • Check out our own contributor Simon Yuen’s work over at ADX Portland. The super huge toolbox is something else.
  • Whoa: Drawingmachine by Eske Rex
  • handdrawnquotes via @ecosalon
  • Smart! Bind together a document with nothing more than a hole punch, rubberband and a paper clip: via Unconsumption
  • Lists of Note via @presentcorrect
  • Boohoo. Moss is closing.
  • “Mr. Biesenbach was more amused than irritated. He considered his friend’s gesture a performance piece.” Personally, I would have effing hit the fan. Design Perfectionists at Home
  • That’s it for this last week of January. Get yourself plenty of long sleeps and good food this weekend. You deserve it (right?).


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