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Friday Links

Friday Links

Trust Me, 2011 by Moyra Davey. “16 photographs taken by Davey โ€“ showing details of interior spaces, dust, spiders, tiles, a stuffed animal, a tree โ€“ have been folded, addressed, and mailed to the writer Lynne Tillman…” (via Augenweide*)

A view from the bottom of the watering hole

How to photograph the night sky on a phone

– And all this time I thought it best to opt out: Robocalls Flooding Your Cellphone? Hereโ€™s How to Stop Them

– Just a reminder: women who draw, an open directory of female* illustrators

– Download A:LOG’s drawings (.dwg,.3dm,.ai)

Redefining Women’s Underwear – SilverTech

How โ€œChameleonsโ€ย change color

– Remember, Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Mothers and daughters, Bobby Neel Adams
Mothers and daughters, Bobby Neel Adams

Have a great weekend.


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