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Friday Links

Friday Links
  • Why your company should have a single email address
  • 10 interesting word phrase facts over at Today I found out
  • Broken Houses by Ofra Lapid
  • Just in case you missed the palm sized US Constitution post, take the Full Civic Literacy Exam to see how well you score compared to average citizen.
  • Durable vinyl ruler sticker that fits any credit card: Cardstick
  • Hoffman/RadioLab production: Moments
  • Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Paul Lung
  • Tricks for Overcoming Procrastination
  • Jay Nelson hacks various vehicles into crazy faceted homes. (via Inhabitat)
  • Why do we like an original painting better than a forgery? Ted Talk: Paul Bloom: The origins of pleasure
  • Is there value in collecting art that challenges our comfort level?
  • Have a restful weekend.


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